Busy Bump Baby Shower Exhibitor Feature: Birthrite Doula

Looking to hire a doula for your birth or postpartum? Wondering what a doula is or what services they program? Wondering what the difference is between a doula and midwife? Meet Candice Tizzard! Candice is the owner of Birthrite Doula Services and Birth and Life Photography. She's an exhibitor at the Busy Bump Baby Shower on September 23rd and you can find out more about her below as well as in-person at the baby shower!


Birthrite Doula Services and Birth and Life Photography


Owner: Candice Tizzard

What kind of products and/ or services do you offer? I offer pre and postnatal support as well a continuous labour and birthing support for expectant women and their families. I also offer birth photography, which captures the story of birth being told. Recently I started offering maternity, newborn, and family photography.

What is the price point?

$700-1500 depending on what kind of birthing package you want. Photography pricing starts at $175

How long have you been operating and how did you start?

I have been a doula for 2 years. I had a doula for all three of my births and the experience was wonderful. I have always loved pregnancy and birth. After the wonderful and empowering experience I had at my own births, I knew this was the path I had to travel. I love my job, it gives me passion and meaning that is unexplainable in words. I have been doing birth photography for 1.5 years. I got a really nice camera for Christmas to take pictures of my family and brought it into my friends birth, the pictures were wonderful and powerful, full of moments that women forget in the blur of the birthing. I have not put the camera down since, I have set out to learn everything I can about this craft. 6 months ago, I expanded my services to include maternity, newborn and family.  I am still learning, but seem to be a quick study.


What is your favourite part of what you do? What is the biggest challenge?


Its hard to describe what my favourite part of being a doula is. For me its waking up at 3 am and its go time, it starts my day with a smile and a boost of adrenaline. Even more, Its the power, beauty and strength that a birthing woman has. Its the look after a birth that says “I DID IT!!!!” Its the satisfaction of knowing that I in someway got a look into the most intimate time in a woman's life. It’s both humbling and honouring at the same time, and moves me to tears every time.  The hardest parts for me is making sure that I have given a woman and her family enough education to make an informed choice and ask informed consent questions. Its really hard to see a woman who has to undergo unnecessary interventions. Birth doesn't always go as planned but a woman has the right to ensure that she remains in control and knows all the facts before making a choice that affects her and her baby.  Its hardest when a women feels like her care provider doesn't respect her birth plan, or is building a birth plan to protect her from her care provider.  As a birth photographer, there is nothing more satisfying than watching the birth of her baby unfold in still motion, or capturing that look of power in her eyes!! The hardest part is trying to get families to understand that the photos are for you and you only,  you choose what to share and what not to share. Just like every detail of your wedding and its photography is planned, the birth of your fist  should be a story to remember. Birth photography captures the moments and can fill in the blanks that birthing a baby has. The birth of your child is a one and only time event and there's no going back and re capturing it. I regret that I don't have video or pictures of my first, I have very little memory of it and wish I had!


If you’re a mom, what is one thing you wish you knew when you were pregnant/what advice would you give to a new mom?


I wish I knew what I know now of the physiology of birth and what a woman experiences during labour and to trust in that process. My best advice for new mothers, is belive in yourself and trust your instincts. Not everyone knows what they are talking about and not every piece of advice will be right for you and your baby. Parent the way that feels right for you!!!!


The Busy Bump Baby Shower Exhibitor Feature: Belly Bean Imaging


If there is one thing I wish we did when I was pregnant with my daughter, it's a 3D ultrasound. We are thrilled to introduce, Belly Bean Imaging as an exhibitor for the Busy Bump Baby Shower! They just launched this summer and the unique thing about Belly Bean is they are mobile! How amazing would it be to have an intimate ultrasound experience at home? We found out more about this great new service for expectant couples below. Make sure to come and find out more about them at The Busy Bump Baby Shower. They are giving away a "Quality Time" package valued at $249.00 to one lucky guest! 



1.     What kind of products and/ or services do you offer?


I offer mobile 3D/4D Ultrasounds to expecting mothers


2.     What is the price point?


$90-$425 But we have amazing grand opening prices on at the moment


3.     How long have you been operating and how did you start?


Belly Bean Imaging has just launched this summer.


I decided to open a mobile ultrasound company after I had my first son, four years ago. I had a 3D/4D ultrasound where I had to travel all the way down town, pay for parking three blocks away, and waddle all the way to the office... no thank you! The experiance tho, was amazing, to see my baby and what he was up to inside and what he looked like blew me away! It made me so happy, and that's what I wanted to do... Make expecting mothers happy. 



4.     What is your favorite part of what you do? What is the biggest challenge?


 My favorite part is to see the parents face when you tell them the gender of the baby. They get so excited no matter what they are having but the tears of joy on their face makes my job so much more of a personal experience that I get to treasure.

Biggest challenge is to not want more kids!!! haha every time I see babies makes my ovaries ach!

In all seriousness, the all time biggest challenge is to make sure that the baby is fully co-operating... babies in the mothers belly are unpredictable and can be positioned where we won't be able to see their face (back turned towards us, hand over their face, hiding behind their placenta) and that can be quite a disappointment.



5.     If you’re a mom, what is one thing you wish you knew when you were pregnant/what advice would you give to a new mom?


A book can only go so far... you can read as many books on pregnancy/delivering and what to expect after you have had baby... but nothing can compare to the real deal.


Busy Bump Baby Shower Exhibitor Feature - The Childbearing Society

We are looking forward to The Busy Bump Baby Shower on September 23rd and all the great exhibitors we have coming! They have some amazing services and products to showcase to all our new and expectant moms in attendance!


The Childbearing Society is an exhibitor at the Busy Bump Baby Shower and Stephanie Ondrack is sharing some more information about their services for expectant mom and couples below. 


Business Name: The Childbearing Society



1. What kind of products and/ or services do you offer?


Prenatal Classes mainly, but also breastfeeding classes & clinics, parenting circles, healthy pregnancy classes, and special workshops for twins, home birth, and refreshers.



2. What is the price point?


Full price is $285, which includes Prenatal Classes, the Healthy Pregnancy Class, and four postpartum parenting circles. We also offer reduced single mother's rates and low income rates.



3. How long have you been operating and how did you start?


We were founded in 1973 by a group of doctors and nurses who felt that prenatal classes could be better than what the hospitals were offering at the time.



4. What is your favourite part of what you do? What is the biggest



I love normalizing birth for people, reducing the fear, and empowering families to make their own decisions. I love surprising people with information they had never encountered before. And I love fostering more understanding between parents and their babies--helping

families connect and settle in together with more trust and less stress. The biggest challenge is navigating the diverse range of families and viewpoints in each class, helping everyone--from those planning Caesarean births to those planning backyard water births-- feel included and empowered, without alienating anyone.



5. If you’re a mom, what is one thing you wish you knew when you were pregnant/what advice would you give to a new mom?


Trust your instincts! Relax, don't worry about doing anything "right", and just listen to your baby. Take all "expert" advice with a grain of salt and have faith that moms and babies have been figuring all this out together for millions of years without any books or pundits to tell them what to do.


Click here to find out more The Busy Bump Baby Shower and all the great exhibitors we have!


Click here to purchase tickets!


Busy Bump Baby Shower Exhibitor Feature - Little Dreamers Consulting

We are so excited to have Jill Parker from Little Dreamers Consulting as an exhibitor and guest speaker at The Busy Bump Baby Shower! She is the baby sleep whisperer! I have to admit, I am a little biased as Jill helped us with my daughter when she was 2 1/2 and we were some challenges with her sleep, like having to stay in her room every night till she fell asleep, night wakings and her still relying on a bottle to soothe her. Her tips and adjustments helps my daughter learn to fall asleep on her own and not rely on props such as a bottle or soother. Stay tuned for an update on my daughter Madi this week as it has been one year since we switched her rountine thanks to Jill's help and suggestons.


Find out more about her and her business below and make sure to purchase your tickets to the Busy Bump Baby Shower to meet her in person. 



Name: Jill Parker      


Business Name: Little Dreamers Consulting


1.     What kind of products and/ or services do you offer?


I help families be as healthy and happy as they can be by guiding them to improved sleep routines and habits for their little ones.



2.     What is the price point?


My full, private consultation packages range from $325 - $545, depending on age of the baby/toddler/child and whether or not we meet in person.  What I love about my job is that I can help people, NO MATTER where they are located!  I have helped families across Canada, in the US and even in the UK.



3.     How long have you been operating and how did you start?


I have been a certified Sleep Sense Consultant for 2.5 years.  When my second baby was born, my husband and I were really struggling with helping him establish healthy sleep habits.  We searched high and low, read many the sleep books out there and finally found Dana Obleman and her Sleep Sense program.  Not only did the philosophy of her program fit our ideas about sleep and parenting, we had direct access to her as we implemented her program.  It worked and changed our lives and we were grateful for the one-on-one support!  When the opportunity arose and I was chosen for her training program to become a consultant myself, I jumped at the chance to be able to help families the way she helped ours! It has proven to be such a rewarding career… providing families with life altering benefits of establishing new and healthy sleep routines and habits!



4.     What is your favourite part of what you do? What is the biggest challenge?

No doubt seeing the results of a family’s hard work as they implement a Sleep Plan for their little one: a happy, well-rested baby who can happily soothe himself to sleep and who getting restful, consolidated nighttime sleep and taking solid, age-appropriate naps!  A Win for the whole family! 


It isn’t always an easy route but when families stick to the plan, significant improvements usually happen much sooner than the family expects.  Once they have completed the program, the results are life-changing. Families go from being sleep-deprived, overwhelmed, frustrated and sometimes desparate, to being happy, well-rested, confident with their sleep routine and healthier!


I also love the challenge of finding the best path for each little one so that they become great sleepers as quickly and as happily as possible! Every baby is different so not every baby will respond to a Sleep Plan in the same way.  There are times a plan needs to be tweaked along the way to better suit a baby and to set them up for success and I love being able to support a family as they manoeuver through their baby’s journey to better sleep!


5.     If you’re a mom, what is one thing you wish you knew when you were pregnant/what advice would you give to a new mom?


Make decisions for your family based on YOUR instincts and philosophies.  Since working in this industry, I have realized just how much guilt new parents are faced with about the decisions they are making for their babies and their families.  While there is much well-intentioned information and advice out there, always stay true to what you believe and feel is right for your family… no matter what your neighbor, best buddy or mother might say.


Jill is also running a contest on her blog until the end of August for a pair of tickets to the Busy Bump Baby Shower and a Aden + Anais cozy swaddle.


Visit her blog for more details: http://littledreamersconsulting.com/posts/?p=1569


Like Little Dreamers on Facebook for more great sleep tips.









Busy Bump Baby Shower Exhibitor Feature: Candice Wong Photography

I'm so excited that Candice Wong Photography will be joining us as an exhibitor for the Busy Bump Baby Shower in September. If you are looking for maternity or newborn photography, Candice is amazingly talented and has the joy of her career being something that capture such special moments in people's lives. Here's a bit more about Candice and Candice Wong Photography.


BBMS: What kind of products and/or services do you offer?

CWP: Newborn, baby and maternity photography


BBMS: What is the price point?

CWP:My clients usually spend between $400-$900


BBMS: How long have you been running your business and how did you start?

CWP: I officially started my business in 2014, but had been building up my portfolio for a few years prior. I have always been in love with photography and it was not until I had my seconf son that this hobby turned in to much more. I now could never imagine doing anything else.


BBMS: What is your favourite part of what you do? What is your biggest challenge?

CWP: Favourite part might be obvious...getting to hold day old babies!!! My biggest challenge is work/life balance. With 3 young boys at home I think this will be my main challenge for a bit.


BBMS: What is one thing you wish you knew when you were pregnant? Any advice for a new mom?

CWP: Get LOTS of rest NOW before baby arrives! :)



Candice Wong Photography is offering a contest as being part of the Busy Bump Baby Shower. You can enter to win a mini maternity session with Candice (valued at $399) which includes 90 minutes in the studio and 15 high resolution images on a disc (digital download).


To enter, like our Facebook page and then like and share the image of Candice Wong Photography's maternity session. Post a comment below the photo so we have your name.


Good luck!


Thanks for sharing more about your business with us Candice! We look forward to having you at the Busy Bump Baby Shower in September!





Save the date! The Busy Bump Baby Shower is back!










Event Name: Busy Bump Baby Shower
Event Date: Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014
Time: 6pm to 9pm
Location: Heritage Hall, 3102 Main Street Vancouver



Event Description

The Busy Bump Baby Shower is a unique opportunity for expectant moms from around the Lower Mainland to celebrate and connect with other moms-to-be while enjoying “mocktails” and appetizers.



It is also a fun, interactive and informative evening featuring guest speakers covering a variety of pregnancy and parenting topics.

Attendees will have opportunity to connect with vendors who are experts in their field. Each guest will leave with a diaper bag filled with goodies and the chance to win over $1000 in prizes.




The Busy Bump Baby Shower’s first launched in the Winter of 2012 at The Mom Spa in South Surrey. 


The second Busy Bump Baby Shower Event at Sutton Place sold out with 40 guests and 8 exhibitors in attendance. Guests enjoyed High Tea and several prizes were donated from other businesses.



This year we plan to build on the success of the past events to grow the Busy Bump Baby Shower to hold an even larger capacity at an even bigger Vancouver venue. The goal is to provide a chic, fun and educational event for expectant moms. We are thrilled about our new venue and our new partnership with Urbanbaby & Toddler Magazine as our Presenting Sponsor. 


For more information about the event this Fall, visit the website or email us at stephanie@busybump.com 


Click here to purchase your ticket!


The Mommy Makeover Package

We are so thrilled to announce our newest package, the Mommy Makeover package to help new moms feel and look their best! Included in this package is an image consultation, waredrobe re-vamp and personal shopping experience to help you find clothes to fit your new body and suit your new lifestyle while  still looking stylish! 


As new moms let's face it, our body has changed and our shape is different than it was before so clothes do not fit the same way. We need to learn to dress for our new body shape and find clothes that flatter us while still being trendy and fashionable. Also let's be honest, when do we really go out and spend time to focus on shopping for ourselves, we either feel guilty if we do it or grab a size we think will fit instead of trying in on with a toddler in tow. I get it! I've been there! Hell, most days I AM there! But I want moms to feel confident and comfortable in their appearance! I want to empower moms when they go back to work or to apply for a part time job and clothes and your "look" is a huge part of that! 



Lastly, when you are all done with your Mommy Makeover and looking HOT, we have added another service for couples. Hire us to plan a date night for you! We take care of all the details including child care and restuarant reservations. 


Over the next few months my blog will feature tips for new moms whether it's 5 minute make up tips, shopping tips or date night ideas so stay tuned!


From now until December 31st, we are running a special to promote these two new services. When you book a Mommy Makeover with us, you will receive the Date Night package ($100 value) for FREE!


Email us at stephanie@busybump.com to schedule for Mommy Makeover consultation!


A month after Maddie's new sleep plan

Tonight has been exactly 4 weeks since we started our new sleep plan for Maddie and wow, what a difference a month of consistency and routine makes! I cannot believe how far we have come! Our goals for Maddie which we gave to Jill from Little Dreamers were “We would like Maddie to learn self-soothing techniques so she can eventually fall asleep with little to no assistance from us (rubbing back, waiting in room, bottle) and then stay asleep or fall back asleep on her own.”



I’m happy to say that after only one month Maddie has accomplished all the goals we had set out. She no longer uses a bottle, doesn’t require a “prop” to fall asleep, can fall asleep on her own and stays asleep during the night and in bed until the sun comes up on her Gro Clock.



I really cannot stress enough how important sleep is for and how much a better night’s sleep affects your live.



Since starting our sleep plan we have noticed the following positive changes in our lives:



  • A consistent nap time and better night time sleep for Maddie has made her less grumpy/irritable during the day and before bed
  • Any one (grandma, babysitter etc.) are able to put to sleep
  • It makes for a way more production evening for me when I am able to work on the computer for a few hours
  • Early bedtime for us because at 8pm when it’s lights out we still have lots of time to get work or house work done before we go to bed
  • More quality alone time for Shane and me.
  • Better bonding with Maddie each night as we do our bedtime routine
  • Dates nights with Shane because any one can put to bed and she is used to new routine and knows the “ques” its bedtime.
  • A better sleep leads to better mornings because I feel rested and wake up before the kids to get ready instead of rushing around and yelling at them
  • Happier mood = less irritated, less bitchy, less anxious
  • Feeling more motivated (want to get back into working out- even got myself 4 sessions with a trainer to get started)
  • Consistency for both kids = same bedtime means it “fair” even if Chase is lying in bed reading for a little bit longer, he is being quiet.
  • Fewer headaches



I cannot thank Jill from Little Dreamers enough for all her support whether it was over phone, email or in our consultation. She is so knowledgable and was able to lead us in the right direction and add her tips in as we went along our journey. I hope that my vulnerability and honestly throughout this journey has helped a reader that was on the fence about starting a sleep plan or considering hiring a sleep consultant see that it is a great choice that would definitely benefit their family!



Wishing you all the best on your sleep journeys! Sweet dreams!



Want to find out more about Jill?



Jill Parker, owner of Little Dreamers Consulting, is a professional child sleep consultant, trained by Dana Obleman, creator and author of the Sleep Sense Program. Jill offers personal, one-on-one support to families whose children are struggling with sleep issues. In working hand-in-hand with parents and caregivers, Jill will create a step-by-step, easy to follow sleep plan that meets the specific needs of the child and will lead the family to a path of SWEET DREAMS!









Update on Maddie's Sleep Progress

So last Thursday was two weeks of Maddie following the new
sleep plan. She has pleasantly surprised my husband and I throughout this whole process as I thought for sure this would be a struggle for us and her! Don’t get me wrong, it came with challenges and at times push backs but when we handled
them as we were lead to do by Jill, we saw great results and progress! It was a simple thing like closing the door as a consequence for not cooperating for her
to understand, WE MEANT BUSINESS! It wasn’t the normal routine of her crying and Mommy giving in so she got her way. Emotionally it has probably been hardest on me to listen to her cry sometimes but the crying is short lived and it never lasts long. She figures out pretty quickly when it’s not working and
all of a sudden, the act is gone! (She has also probably been able to calm down quicker because she is less tired and sleeping better, where before it could be up to 30 minutes or more!)

This whole process and changing all of our routines (not
just hers) has really made me think about how overtired we were and how much the lack of sleep affect all our lives. In my next post, I will touch on all of the benefits we have seen in our lives because of the new sleep routine but I thought it might be good right now for me to point out some signs/symptoms and affects
of lack of sleep and being over-tired as all of us were experience some of these and some I knew sleep was the reason why but other signs (mostly in myself) I didn’t see or realize until I started to get better sleeps and these things all got better.


Signs that children are not getting enough sleep:

Younger Babies: pulling at ears, rubbing eyes, arching back

Older Babies: Tantrums, quickly losing interest in toys and people, clingy
Toddlers & Older Children: Tantrums, crankiness, clumsiness, hyperactivity, short tempered, difficulty focusing on a task, clingy

Hard time falling asleep at night or for naps, early morning wakes (younger babies), short naps (younger babies), having to drag kids out of bed (older children), frequent waking in the night.

Affects of lack of sleep on children:


  • Slows development ei. reaching milestones
  • Difficulty learning
  • Poor interactions with others

Signs that adults are not getting enough sleep: (I know I COULD relate to most of these)

Takes a long time to fall asleep, waking up many times during the night and having difficulty falling back asleep, still tired when wake in the morning, difficulty focusing during daily tasks, afternoon sleepiness, short-tempered, mood swings, weight gain

Affects of lack of sleep on adults:

  • Chronic sleep loss can lead to other serious health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and symptoms of depression.
  • Lack of sleep ages your skin and kills sex drive
  • Affects concentration, reasoning and problem-solving
  • Makes it difficult to lose weight and can result in weight gain


I’m not pointing these out to make anyone feel guilty or
worried but more to let you know that I was there too and so was my husband and my kids! It’s easy to change bad habits when you know what you are doing wrong and learn the tools to correct it. I found Jill’s method which is the Sleep Sense method a great fit for our family but there are other methods as well or
even books and online you could try on your own. However, obviously I feel there is HUGE benefit to using an expert and that is why I sought out Jill to help us.

I am so thrilled of how great this all turned out and that
Maddie has become an excellent sleeper on her own just using the right tools to get her succeed. Tonight, she literally told me I could go now. Haha It almost hurt my feelings a little but I realized this was what we were trying to achieve the whole time! Our goal to a better night sleep was reached! We did it! I can’t wait to share all the great benefits we are seeing in my next post! Stay tuned!

Want to find out more about Jill?

Jill Parker, owner of Little Dreamers Consulting, is a professional child sleep consultant, trained by Dana Obleman, creator and author of the Sleep Sense Program. Jill offers personal,
one-on-one support to families whose children are struggling with sleep issues. In working hand-in-hand with parents and caregivers, Jill will create a step-by-step, easy to follow sleep plan that meets the specific needs of the child and will lead the family to a path of SWEET DREAMS!




Week #1 of our new sleep plan

Tonight was one week since we started our new sleep plan put
together by Jill Parker of Little Dreamers Consulting. What a great week it has been! I’m happy to report that our commitment to making this work has paid off and we are seeing
great results! In only a week, we are already seeing the positive impact this is making not only on my daughter but my husband and I as well because we are all sleeping better. Our plan started off with us staying in the room until my daughter fell asleep and each night we have gradually been moving closer and
closer to the door. Saturday night we will follow our new routine and then tuck Maddie into bed and leave the room. Yay!!
Putting Maddie down to bed has always been a challenge; I literally used to lie on the floor beside her crib until she was asleep, often falling asleep myself!
(Wow! That’s embarrassing to admit but true!) Now we are out of the room much faster than before and again, working towards not staying at all. The night wakings have also improved… most nights we don’t even hear a peep out of her
and she stays in bed until her Gro Clock turns to the sunshine! The only two nights we have had night wakings since starting our new sleep plan were when she had shorter naps during the day due to things we had scheduled during the
day. (I’ll provide some tips for this from Jill later in this post)


Throughout this whole process, we have received great follow
up and support from Jill. We communicate through email every day when we send our sleep logs to her as well as phone calls every couple of nights where she has given us tips and advice as well as made adjustments to the plan as we go along.


Before we really started to “pay attention” to Maddie’s
sleep we would sometimes push nap time or let nap time start early depending on what was going on during the day. Although at naptime she was being a good sleeper the fact that it was all over the place sometimes really affected the night time and often made her either overtired or restless both resulting in a
long time to fall asleep and waking up during the night. I’m not saying that in order to have great sleepers you need to put your life on hold and change plans to ensure you’re e at
home at every day at nap time but Jill provided us with some great tips that I think can help others. I think these tips are especially useful during summer when you’re busy as a family and older children are out of school so schedules
are as consistent as during the school year for your little ones.


Tips for keeping kids on a routine/sleep schedule even when


-If you are out at nap time, see if there is somewhere cool,
quiet you can put them to sleep


- Try to incorporate some of the elements from your nap time
routine at home if you’re out (reading a book, bringing a special item/blanket they sleep with)

-Don’t expect as long or as peaceful a nap

- Try not to extend their nap past the regular time if they
go down later as this will only push back the next nap or bedtime

-Try to be home for the next nap time (if more than one)

-If the nap was shorter than usual or the day was a bit off,
plan for an earlier bedtime

Again, no one is asking you spend your whole day or whole
summer in the house ready and waiting for nap time but building healthy sleep habits as I mentioned in my last article is all about routine and consistency.


I am feeling so good about this process and how far we can
come! It has been such a great change in our lives and I can’t wait to see even more success as we continue for another week of our sleep plan and obviously continue this routine going forward!


Want to find out more about Jill? 

Jill Parker, owner of Little Dreamers Consulting, is a professional child sleep consultant, trained by Dana Obleman, creator and author of the Sleep Sense Program. Jill offers personal,
one-on-one support to families whose children are struggling with sleep issues. In working hand-in-hand with parents and caregivers, Jill will create a step-by-step, easy to follow sleep plan that meets the specific needs of the child and will lead the family to a path of SWEET DREAMS!



Consistency is Key

So as I had mentioned in my previous blog post, my family is working with Jill Parker of Little Dreamers Consulting to teach my daughter Maddie self-soothing techniques so that she
can fall asleep on her own without assistance from us or props like a bottle as well as staying asleep during the night and being able to put herself back to sleep if she does wake up.

Today is Day # 4 of our new sleep plan and am very thrilled to be seeing so many positive changes happening! I was never skeptical of the process but I definitely did not think it would go as smoothly as it has been (knocking on wood as I type
this!!!) Our key strategies in order to make the sleep plan a success was first to create a bedtime routine that we all follow, start our bedtime routine
earlier to ensure lights out by 8pm and to get rid of props, which included the bottle, infact, no liquids at all as a part of the nighttime routine as a
bottle can easily be replaced by a sippy cup as a “prop” to soothe to sleep. We had wanted to get rid for a long time but had cut it back to only night/bedtime to start. It was much easier than I thought it would be. The first day of our
new sleep plan, we went to the store and bought two new pairs of pajamas and a “big
girl cup” and she was quite excited to “give away her bottles to babies”. We also purchased a Gro Clock, which is meant for toddlers to learn when it’s time for bed and when it’s time to wake up because they can visually see the stars and sun on the screen. The clock is also a little night light. It is a great tool and I wasn’t sure if Maddie would really understand it but she does totally get it and even says in the mornings now when she sees the sun “time to get awake!” LOL


Our whole plan is based on routine and consistency of that routine. We always had a routine but it varied depending on who put her to bed and it always varied what time we started the routine and what time she actually fell asleep. With our
new plan, consistency is key! Toddlers thrive from consistency!

Infact, children do in general but with toddlers it’s a stage of learning how to “push the limits” and test us as parents so consistency in all our daily actions is needed to help them learn boundaries and consequences. There was a great article in The Province this week that talked about regular bed times being better for kids. It also discussed how 3 years old is a critical age for children and how not having a consistent bedtime routine and staying up later was associated lower reading, math and spatial ability test scores.


Here is the link to the article if you’re interested in reading more: http://www.theprovince.com/news/Regular+bedtime+better+kids/8644431/story.html


So our first 4 days have gone exceptionally well as far as I’m concerned and I’m very proud of my husband and myself for really committing to this process fully and making changes in our schedule to really ensure this can happen and be a positive
change for us all. I’m super proud of my daughter for turning into such a big girl literally overnight!


Want to find out more about Jill?

Jill Parker, owner of Little Dreamers Consulting, is a professional child sleep consultant, trained by Dana Obleman, creator and author of the Sleep Sense
Program. Jill offers personal, one-on-one support to families whose children are struggling with sleep issues. In working hand-in-hand with parents and
caregivers, Jill will create a step-by-step, easy to follow sleep plan that the specific needs of the child and will lead the family to a path of SWEET DREAMS!




Our Journey to a Good Night Sleep

I have to admit to everyone right now… just because my business is about helping moms and moms-to-be that does not make me an “expert” on everything parenting related. (shocking I know! LOL)


But part of being a parent is knowing when you are NOT the expert and then being willing to ask and ACCEPT help where needed.

I’ve got to know, Jill Parker, of Little Dreamers through my business and we have built a great connection. A month or so ago during a meeting over coffee, I confided in her a little secret… my daughter is not a great sleeper and it was something we were really struggling with in my house.


It was affecting all our sleep, not just my daughters! I’ve tried lots of different things based on reading online and friends had given us books which I just never had the time to read so would just skim through to find the quick answers. I’ve heard Jill speak lots of time about baby and children’s sleep and I know she knows her stuff and is passionate about helping support families! I also have built a trust with her so feel comfortable letting her into our home and sharing in something that to me, is a little bit private. Long story short, I asked if she would take us on as clients and help us adjust my daughters sleep schedule/habits so we can get her on the right track to learn to self-soothe during the night if she wakes up and overtime fall asleep on her own without “props” like us rubbing her back, a bottle etc.


Tuesday was our in-home consultation and I was so excited to hear all the great information she had to share with us. She has customized her “Sleep Sense Program” to make it fit for our families’ needs and routine. Although there is going to be some changes
obviously, she took into consideration our life and schedules as well as all the information we had provided beforehand. My husband is probably more excited than me to get this process going with Jill as he is often the one who gets up with my daughter during the night. After our consultation with Jill the first words out of his mouth weren’t anything
negative, they were, “Wow, this is definitely worth it, why didn’t we do this earlier!” (I happen to agree with both and it feels good to know we are on the
same page) See, the reason I am really looking forward to this is that the plan and goals are laid out of us… pretty much step by step and even the “what if” situations are addressed in the plan. I’m not saying its fool proof, because every child is different but also it is what you put into it. We are literally
clearing our evening schedules the next few weeks to commit to making this work so my daughter and us can benefit from a healthy night’s sleep and we can all have a better day together because we are not overtired and irritated.

There have been a couple of times over the last few days of really focusing on my daughter’s sleep to prepare for the consultation with Jill that I’ve felt guilty and that maybe somewhere as a
parent, I’ve failed or let her down because I’ve let this go on this long but yo
u know what, every parent struggles with something (or more than one thing!) and that’s ok. It’s NORMAL! We all feel guilty sometimes but we shouldn’t!  The thing is, once you know better, you can do better. This is exactly what this change is about. Madison is learning the skills to be able to become a healthy sleeper and my husband and I are
learning the skills to be able to help support her with that and in turn, it
will benefit our whole family and become such a positive change in our lives.

We start our first night of the plan tonight. I look forward to sharing with everyone our journey to a

good night sleep.


 Want to know more about Jill Parker and her business Little Dreamers?


Jill Parker, owner of Little Dreamers Consulting, is a professional child sleep consultant, trained by Dana Obleman, creator and author of the Sleep
Sense Program. Jill offers personal, one-on-one support to families whose
children are struggling with sleep issues. In working hand-in-hand with parents and caregivers, Jill will create a step-by-step, easy to follow sleep plan that
meets the specific needs of the child and will lead the family to a path of




Bella Belly Maternity

Shopping for maternity clothes is tough. In the beginning when you're excited about your changing body, you go into the store and try on the "belly" and hope it will all fit. Then as you grow out of your regular waredrobe and start to need more items, you begin to dread shopping a little. Nothing fits the way it used to and comfort is key!!! Also, why just because you are having a baby, do they decide a pair of black work pants needs to cost $70.00???


I recently connected with Andrea McVey, the owner of Bella Belly Maternity.


Bella Belly Maternity has everything you will need for your entire 9 months; from casual to career. Oodles of jeans, funky tops, professional wear and of course that lil' black dress for that special occasion! I have a wide variety in every size from small to 2x and everything is brand spanky new! Prices are pretty much 1/2 the retail, then on top of that if you if you buy $150+ you get 10% off YAY!


Andrea is a stay at home mom that loves clothes and when she was preggers she cringed at spending more than $30 on jeans.

Bella Belly Maternity is based out of her home where she has set up a private dressing room where you can come and try on and get Andrea's expertise on maternity fashion and the items that work for you. She also hosts maternity clothing parties with groups of moms-to-be where they can try on, have some yummy snacks and have a good time!


Andrea also accepts used maternity clothes and donates them to woman's shelters across BC.


To check out what items Andrea has for sale or to make an appointment visit Bella Belly Maternity's facebook page.


Love Child Organics

Let’s face it, as moms we all want what’s best for our children and that includes healthy, nutritious food choices but not every new mom has time or the knowledge to make healthy baby food at home. So then they turn to the pre-made jars of baby food. Grocery store shelves are filled with jars of baby food…it’s overwhelming how many flavours and different brands are out there. Some products “claim” to be organic but often contain fillers, sodium and sugar. So how to you pick the right one? Also the regular glass baby jars are hard to transport as you’re worried about them breaking as well as the bacteria that can get passed from re-sealing/re-using a jar that has had a spoon dipped in and out of it.


I recently met with John, the co-owner of Love Child Organics in his office in Whistler. John and his wife Leah started Love Child Organics after their daughter Poppy was born. Like many new parents, they too struggled with finding a nutritious and different choice out there for baby food and Love Child Organics was born. After our meeting, John gave me some samples to take home and my daughter aka my test tester, Maddie loved them! Ok so now we have found something she enjoys but what I like about these products is the packaging is a squeeze pouch with a resealable lid so it’s easy to pack, convenient for “on-the-go” and my daughter can hold and squeeze herself… no utensils needed!


So what kind of products do they offer?


Simple Firsts (6 months +)

Start your baby’s journey towards solid foods with delicious, organic fruit purees

Super Blends (6 months +)

Make sure your growing baby gets a tasty and nutritious meal with fruit, vegetable and quinoa purees.


Maddie’s favourite is the Blueberries, Apples and Bananas with quinoa but there are lots of other great flavours to choose from!



Questions about quinoa? Check out their recent guest blog post by Kristen Yanker of Vitamin K Consulting with more on the rising popularity of quinoa and introducing quinoa to babies. http://www.lovechildorganics.com/news/40/63/What-s-up-with-Quinoa/


Love Child Organics is built upon 8 core values which touch upon a lot of points which I feel strongly about, Nutrition Focused, 100% Safe (BPA Free), Sustainable Practices, Social Responsibility and Ethical Sourcing. They also are committed to giving back and they are a strong supporter of Make-A-Wish Canada. In fact, they are donated $1 (up to $5000) for every Facebook like, so please show your support and go like their page.  They are also donating 1 cent of every pouch sold to children’s charities. The first charity selected is Playground Builders, which builds playgrounds for children in war torn countries.


I love that they are not only providing a great, nutritious product for my kids but their commitment to sticking to their core values and giving back is huge in my opinion and something more businesses should be working towards and focusing on.


Great news is, now families have another choice for nutritious baby/toddler products at their local grocery store! Love Child Organics is available now at lots of grocery stores around the Lower Mainland including Choices, IGA, Walmart, Whole Foods, Nesters and the list goes on. Check their website for specific locations available. http://www.lovechildorganics.com/where/




Upcoming Workshops for New and Expectant Parents

Becoming a new parent is an exciting time, but it can also be overwhelming! There is so much new information to learn about or research. There are so many great resources here in the Lower Mainland to help prepare you and so many people with different skill sets able to help. When I was expecting, I wish I had known about some of these great tools to help and even now that my daughter is here I still need help learning different things about her development and the different stages of her toddler years.


Here is list of some of the workshops going on around the Lower Mainland this month and in July.


Saturday June 8th

Terrific Toddlers

Presented by Prenatal to Parenting

Serenity Chiropractics, Chilliwack


Sunday June 9th

Terrific Toddlers

Presented by Prenatal to Parenting

The Birch Tree, Ladner


Sunday June 9th

Infant CPR, Choking and First Aid for New and Expectant Parents

Presented by Modern Mama Vancouver West

Kids Physio, Vancouver


Saturday June 15th

Peaceful Parenting

Presented by Prenatal to Parenting

TheBirch Tree, Ladner


Wednesday June 19th

Infant and Child CPR Workshops with Safe Beginnings

Presented by Modern Mama North Shore

Highlands United Church, North Vancouver


Saturday June 22nd

Rockin’ Couples Workshop

Presented by Prenatal to Parenting

Canadian Birth Products Inc., North Vancouver


Tuesday June 25th

Essential Series – Childcare Choices

Presented by Modern Mama South Surrey/White Rock

Cactus Club (Southpoint), Surrey


Saturday June 29th

Transititions & Tantrums with Desiree Cluff from Rockababy

Presented by Coquitlam Mommy

Milestones, Coquitlam


Sunday July 7th

Infant Choking and CPR 2 Hour Parenting Workshop (Non Certifying)

Presented by Coquitlam Mommy

Joeys, Coquitlam


Saturday July 13th

Meet The Doula

Presented by Best Beginnings

The Birch Tree, Ladner




The Spring Busy Bump Baby Shower Recap

The Spring Busy Bump Baby Shower was Sunday April 21st at the Sutton Place Hotel Vancouver. One of my favourite things to do is events and workshops for new moms! This event is always a favourite as I love to treat moms-to-be and see them have a good time! Each guest received a welcome gift from Urban Baby & Toddler magazine and we kicked things off with some Baby 101 Trivia questions for prizes! Then we started with our amazing line up of expert speakers. Leading the way was Dani, a doula and owner of DEME Pre and Postnatal Services, followed by Keyrsten, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist from DEME's team, then Dr. Giselle Chamberlain of Evolve Nuturing Vitality talked about pre and postnatal chiropractic care and last but definitely not least Nadia from Baby's World and daughter Alina talked about baby wearing and the various types of carriers on the market. They had an adorable model who loved the spotlight, Alina's son, Kingston.

During the speakers, all the guests received the Sutton Place Hotel's afternoon tea service which was delicious!


We finished the afternoon off with our Grand Prize giveaway which included a carrier from Baby's World, a Rookie Mom 101 from Busy Bump, a free photography session and two 11 x 14 prints from Jillian Kirby l Baby, a 4 class pass from Fit 4 Two and a gift basket from of goodies for a new mom from Urbanbaby & Toddler Magazine.


We received some excellent feedback from guests of the event and are looking forward to planning another event for sometime this fall so stay tuned.


Special thanks to all our amazing sponsors, speakers and businesses who contributed prizes!


For event pictures courtesy of Jillian Kirby l Baby, visit our events page.


Busy Bump Baby Shower Speakers - DEME Pre and Postnatal Services

I'm thrilled to have two lovely ladies as guest speakers and exhibitors from DEME Pre and Postnatal Services at our Spring Busy Bump Baby Shower. Dani is a birth doula and Keyrsten is a Registered Holistic Nutrionist. They have lots of great information to share with everyone!


Dani Enskatis, Birth Doula


I have played an active role in the nurturing and development of British Columbian children for over 12 years. As a professional working in the Early Child Care Education industry, my experience working with families and the community inspired me before taking on what I would describe as the most important role of my life: being a mother to my two children, Micah and Amielia. Using a midwife and doula for both my pregnancies, I felt an immediate connection to these institutions of healthy and natural pregnancy and childbirth. A certified Doula, I am able to use my knowledge, training, and experience to provide emotional and physical support to mothers and fathers-to-be. The support of a Doula during pregnancy and childbirth allows you the best chance at creating positive memories that will last a lifetime. I am fully committed to making each birth a wonderful experience-working to reassure you and your partner during labour through the suggestions of comfort measures and techniques, reassurance, and support. In no way does the presence of a Doula replace the support of a partner, instead my presence allows your partner to participate and be involved during this exciting time. No question or concern is too small, and with each birth I attend, I am so excited to be a part of an experience that will forever be a changing event in your life.


Phone: (604) 339-6621
Email: demepreandpostnatal@yahoo.ca
Additional Information: www.demedoulaservices.weebly.com



Keyrsten McEwan, Registered Holistic Nutrionist


Keyrsten is a graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in Vancouver and has since been running her nutrition consulting business. She is passionate about making nutrition fun and brings clients back to basics with fresh, local REAL food.
Some Common areas of consultation and Keyrsten’s special interests are:

  • Pre and Postnatal Nutrition
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Detoxification and Cleansing
  • Disordered Eating
  • Food Allergies and Sensitivities
  • Inflammatory Conditions
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Vegan and vegetarian Nutrition
  • Healthy Weight Loss

Keyrsten is available for personalized one-on-one, couples, and family consultations as well as menu planning. Consultations and subsequent recommendations are tailored towards each individuals health history, current state of health, personal goals and lifestyle.


Spring 2013 Busy Bump Baby Shower

We had so much fun and received such great feedback from The Busy Bump Baby Shower in the winter we have decided to throw another shower to treat new moms and moms-to-be to an afternoon out!


Come celebrate and connect with other moms from around the Lower Mainland! It will be a fun, interactive and informative afternoon featuring The Top 10 Items to Purchase for Baby presented by Baby's World as well as expert speakers on a variety of pregnancy and parenting related topics. Plus lots of amazing prizes to be won from our sponsors.


All guests will receive The Sutton Place Hotel's Afternoon Tea Service.


One lucky mom or mom-to-be will leave with our Grand Prize valued at over $1000.


Expert Speakers Include:

Nadia (Product Expert) - Baby's World

Dr. Giselle Chamberlain (Chiropractor) - Evolve Nuture Vitality

Kerysten (Houlistic Nutrionist) - DEME Prenatal and post natal services

Dani (Doula & Owner) - DEME Prenatal and post natal services


To purchase tickets visit our events page.


Tips for Dads-to-be in the Delivery Room

Guest Speaker: Sarah Joseph from Prenatal to Parenting


Sarah Joseph is a Hypnobabies Instructor, Birth & Postpartum Doula, a Placenta Specialist and the mother of two. After the birth of her first child she started Prenatal to Parenting where she offers childbirth education, doula support, placenta encapsulation and parent education.


5 Tips for Dads-to-be in the Delivery Room:

Dads-to-be can make a big difference in the delivery room, but in order to do so they need to prepare. Here are some tips on where to focus your energy so you can make a positive difference during the birth of your baby.


  1. Learn about birthing, interventions and your options – taking a childbirth education class is likely the best way to learn all about birthing, interventions, your options and comfort measures for mom. Doing so will make you more confident and calm on the big day. It will also give you the ability to make informed decisions about medical care for your partner and baby. Mom is going to be a bit busy, having a baby and all, so it’s important that you are educated and have discussed your wishes in advance. Creating a birth plan together is a fantastic way to discuss your options and make decision ahead of time.
  2. Read and understand the 'Sphincter Law'–Ina May Gaskin (drop her name to look like you’ve been doing your homework) created the 'Sphincter Law' to explain why some women give birth easily while others seem to require the assistance of medical intervention. In short, the law states that the vagina and the cervix are sphincters, just like the anus and the urethra. They each normally stay closed but are able to open as widely as needed when necessary. The most important factor of the law is the explanation of how sphincters function best – ie: how a woman can birth easily.
  3. The advantages of hiring a doula – Doulas aren’t just for Moms! Doulas support Dads too. They are there to give you breaks – you are going to want to pee, eat, and maybe even nap at some point, right? They are there to coach you through comfort measures – aka make you look good. And they are there to remind you of all the stuff you’ve learned during your preparation. A Doula is like the coach of the football team; you wouldn’t think of sending your team to the super bowl without one.
  4. Pack the hospital bags – whether you are having a hospital birth or a home birth you will need to pack a hospital bag. I always advise that Mom’s gather all the items she wants and spread them out on the bed and then let Dad do the actual packing. This way when Mom asks for something, Dad will know exactly where to find it.
  5. Manage the room – Mom needs to focus on riding the birthing waves, so it’s Dads job to answer questions from staff, make sure no one is trying to talk to her during birthing waves and that the environment feels safe and comfortable for her.

If you can follow these five tips I promise you’ll make a fantastic addition in the delivery room and your partner will be thoroughly impressed with your involvement. Trust me, as a Mom, Doula and Childbirth Educator; this is your way to earn loads of points, if you’re into that sort of thing.


I’m excited to be a guest speaker at the upcoming Dads-to-be Bootcamp Workshop and share more tips with you for beyond the bump.


Reflection on my family for Family Day

With BC’s new statutory holiday, Family Day, on Monday it’s left me to reflect as cheesy as it sounds on my family and one person in particular who I have a very special relationship with. My step - son Chase came into my life when he was 3 and I was 23. At the time I felt unsure of myself and well, sometimes I still do, but have learned that is more about being a parent in general than specific to a step-parent. Over the last 4 ½ years our relationship has grown and so has our family with the additional of my daughter Madison. I didn’t know how this would change our family dynamic but in fact it has made things better than I could have ever imagined. Having the year off work only improved our relationship and seeing him and my daughter interact has been amazing! They love each other so much and it is so cool to see! It’s not too often we get the chance to spend a day just me and him anymore but today we went to the Canuck’s Super Skills at Rogers Arena and had a little date day! (the only man I’ve ever paid the full date for LOL) It was so much fun to have one on one time just us two like we used to and to see him really excited and enjoying himself! I’ve learned a lot this past few years about being a parent and most of which I’ve learned through experiences with Chase. He has taught me patience, compassion, selflessness, courage and not to take my self too seriously. I’ve learned although it’s easy to be a friend, kids need a parent. I’m probably the one who disciplines him the most but with that also comes reward and a self- earned sense of accomplishment. At 23, I jumped in feet first with everything and have never looked back. My life changed making the decision to be with a man who had a child but it is a decision I’ve never regretted because he is such a special kid! I can’t wait for the day I get to see him walk across the stage at graduation or stand at the front of the aisle and wait for his bride. Although there is no DNA of mine in him, that’s not what makes a parent and it makes me proud to see pieces of me in him as he grows up!


Guest Post: Jillian Kirby l Baby

How many times do you wish you knew the tips and tricks the professional use to take great photos? I know I sure do! My husband and I received a fancy smanshy Canon SLR camera for Christmas before my daughter was born. Over 2 years later, I’ve yet to take a picture without the setting on anything but AUTO! I’d love to learn to explore the other settings the camera has to offer and learn to take shots at better angles/directions so my pictures look great even though I’m nowhere near professional! Now only to figure out how to get them to stay still!


I’ve recently connected with the amazingly talented Jillian Kirby and am thrilled to have her sponsoring some upcoming workshops!


Jillian Kirby is an Award-Winning and Nationally Accredited newborn specialist photographer who serves Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Jillian shoots out of her natural light commercial space in Langley, BC and has worked with many amazing locals such as Travis Lulay, Chris Gailus and Lynn Colliar!



Jillian’s tips for taking better photos:


I’ve had babies and toddlers and I know exactly how hard it is to snap that gorgeous shot that perfectly shows off how beautiful your little one really is! If he’s not running, he’s drooling and if he’s not drooling, he’s crying and if he’s not crying, he’s covering his face. Well, how about a couple quick tips that will help you on your way to capturing the true essence of your child!


1. Get down on their level! Lie on the floor, squat right down, kneel in front of them… do whatever you have to do to get on their level so all your photos don’t have the “hovering over you” look to them. Shoot the image straight on to help avoid baby squinting or just plain not looking at you at all.


2. When you think you’re close enough, get closer! We all have the cluttered playrooms and the messy bedrooms that our little ones play in and they don’t make for the most complimentary of backgrounds. Zoom in! Get in close to your baby and make sure that the subject of your image is clearly the apple of your eye!


3. When you can, turn off that flash! There’s no need for a flash when the area you’re shooting in is well lit. If you’re at the park or even in a bright room, turn off that unflattering flash and let natural light work it’s wonders on bringing out the best in your kiddo.


4. No more “Say Cheese!!” We know his smile is the cutest in the world, but try capturing the furrow in his brow when he’s concentrating on a puzzle, or the excitement in his eyes as he anticipates a special treat, or that sleepy look he gets every night just before bedtime… because those are the looks you’ll want desperately to remember and might not.


5. Find the shade! Even if you have to guide your child to play in the shade for a bit, try it! Shooting in full sun can be tricky and can cast awkward shadows across his face or force him to squint in every photo you snap. Bring him in the shade where the light is naturally diffused and much softer. You’ll quickly see how much more easy it is to get those natural expressions you’re trying to freeze in time.



We are running a contest with Jillian Kirby l Baby where you can enter to win a free session and 2 – 11 x 14 prints. The package is valued at $465.00. The contest starts tonight and will run until February 28th. We win announce the winner March 1st!

To enter, please email stephanie@busybump.com with the subject Jillian Kirby Baby contest.


For more info about Jillian Kirby l Baby visit:






Preparing for babys' arrival

There are lots to prepare for before baby arrives. Here are some helpful tips and things to think about for the weeks leading up to your due date. Being as prepared as possible and going over expectations with your partner and other family members is key.


  • Attend a prenatal class and do research on what to except, although labour and delivery can be unpredictable and everyone’s experience is different, it’s always good to have an idea of what you might be in for.
  • Write your birth plan if you decide to have one.
  • Pack your bag for the hospital (and don't forget items for baby & your partner)
  • Start a registry – have a friend/family member organize a baby shower for you
  • Plan a budget
  • Sit down with your partner and go over expectations. (will the baby sleep in your room, what will your partner’s roll be? )
  • Organize nursery items and baby clothes. Make sure items you’ll need are unpackaged and clothes/blankets are washed by hand in a mild detergent.
  • Arrange transportation to the hospital.
  • Organize child care for other children – This may need to be available at a moment’s notice so it’s a good idea to also arrange a back up.
  • Stock freezer full of easy to make food for the first weeks at home. You could prepare soups, pasta sauces etc. or buy already made frozen meals.
  • If you choose, arrange for a house cleaner (could be a friend, relative or agency) to help out around the house the first few weeks.
  • Install your baby car sear into the car you will bring to the hospital.
  • Order cloth diaper service or cloth diaper kit if you are choosing to use cloth diapers.
  • Schedule a maternity photo shoot or newborn photo shoot
  • Try to schedule a tour of the Labour & Delivery ward in the hospital you will be having the baby.



We have a new item available to purchase which will be able to check one thing off this list...The Busy Bump Bag is a pre-packed hospital bag with all the essential items you'll need for the labour & delivery. Click here to find out more about the Busy Bump Bag.



Diaper Bag Checklist

Diaper Bag Checklist


  •   Diapers (one for each hour you’ll be out)
  •   Disposable wipes & case
  •   Diaper rash cream or ointment
  •   Changing pad
  •   Hand Sanitizer
  •   Medical kit – care card #, doctor’s #, pain relievers like Tylenol, thermometer, Band Aids, nasal aspirator
  •   Large plastic Bag (for dirty diapers or wet clothes)
  •   Receiving blanket and/or burp cloths
  •   Warm blanket
  •   Extra set of clothes
  •   If bottle feeding, bottle(s) & bottle holder (to keep cold)
  •   Pacifier or other comfort item
  •   Snacks and water for mom or older children
  • Warm hat for winter or sun hat for warm weather


Looking for a gift idea? We have packaged diaper bags available to purchase. Visit our gift baskets page.





The Mom Spa Presents "The Busy Bump Baby Shower"

Come celebrate and connect with other moms from around the Lower Mainland! It will be a fun, interactive and informative afternoon featuring The Top 10 Items to Purchase for Baby, and guest speakers on a variety of pregnancy and parenting related topics. Plus over $1000 in prizes to be won from some amazing local businesses like Not For Long Maternity, Fit 4 Two South Surrey, Winks & Whispers – Baby and Child Sleep Consulting, Discovery Toys, Coco & Tini and many more!

Rhonda Dent Photography will be set up to take belly portraits and all expecting moms will receive a gift bag full of goodies and coupons towards local products and services for moms valued at $100!

Whether this is your first or you’re fourth and whatever stage of pregnancy you’re in… this event is one you won’t want to miss out on!

Space for the event is limited. To purchase tickets you can call or visit The Mom Spa or register on our Eventbrite page at www.busybumpshower.eventbrite.com.


Prenatal Massage

Whether you are two months pregnant or nine months, your body adapts in preparation of your baby’s arrival, there are many stresses your mind and body will experience. Aches, pains and worries are common, and can be significantly reduced or eliminating with a soothing, blissful prenatal massage. A speciality pillow allows you to lie on your stomach, even in later stages, for maximum comfort.


I really enjoying going to prenatal massage while I was pregnant. Not only did it allow me some time to relax and de-stress it helps me ease all my pregnancy related aches and pains in my lower back, shoulders and neck. I would strongly recommend looking into someone who is a certified in prenatal massage. There are lots around the Lower Mainland.


One great recommendation I would make is Oceana Massage. Susan is amazing and she is complete mobile and will come to you. For more information you can call her at 604-307-0217 or visit her website at www.OceanaMassage.com.


Oceana Massage will be featured on our local resources page which will be up in a few weeks.You can also hear more about prenatal massage from Susan at our fall Beyond the Bump workshops. Stay tuned for more details.


UBC Pediatric Audiology Lab studies for infants & young children

Researchers at the UBC Pediatric Audiology Lab are conducting a study to improve the way a new hearing aid is used for infants and young children. In addition, we hope to learn more about how infants and young children hear sound through vibration. If your child is between 0-5 years of age, he/she may be eligible to participate. Both normal hearing children and children with hearing loss are invited to participate.

People hear sound through sound waves in the air and by bone vibrations through the skull bones. A new “bone-conduction” hearing aid uses this technique for people who cannot be helped by standard hearing aids. The hearing aid is a small vibrating device that is positioned on the bone directly behind the ear. Recently these bone-conduction hearing aids became available for children age 5 years and younger. We hope to help improve the way these hearing aids are adjusted by better understanding the mechanical properties of the head for children in this age range. By placing a small vibrating device against your child’s head and a small microphone in his/her ear canal, we can collect important information about bone-conduction hearing. Participation will take approximately 30 minutes, and will be completed in our lab at UBC. You will be paid an honorarium for participating in the study.

For more information, please contact:
The Pediatric Audiology Lab at UBC
Susan A. Small, Ph.D or Allison Mackey, Research Assistant
604-822-6325, pal@audiospeech.ubc.ca


The 5 Ws of RESPs

Wondering about opening an RESP for your child or children? I recently connected with Darrell Weibe from Heritage Education Funds and he shared some great informatiom about starting an RESP.


The 5 Ws of RESP (Registered Education Savings Plan)


What – RESPs are education savings vehicles registered by the Federal Government to help families of young children save for their children’s post-secondary education. Savings plans are eligible to receive the Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG) and the Canada Learning Bond (CLB).


Why – The cost of 4 years college/university for children born in 2012 is estimated to be between $100,000 and $150,000. Families without a plan in place have very few options to allow their children an education beyond high school. People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.


When – The earlier a child is enrolled in a RESP, the longer the savings have time to grow. Enrolling a child before their 1st birthday, will allow the power of compound growth to benefit a plan in terms of increased plan contributions, increased CESG, increased investment growth within the RESP, and increased growth on the CESG.


Who – Anyone can start saving for a child. Parents, Grandparents, other family members, and friends can all contribute to a child’s RESP and attract the applicable grants toward that child’s successful future.


Where – A RESP can be started through most Financial Institutions or through a RESP company that specializes in education savings plans. Typically, RESP companies offer greater plan safety, flexibility, stability, and investment performance in comparison with those plans sold through a Financial Institution.


Further details, and a no-obligation in home consultation can be arranged by attending a Beyond The Bump workshop.


To register for our upcoming Beyond the Bump workshop visit our Beyond the Bump page.




Mommies and Munchkins Photos - April 15th



Every parent can say this about one topic or another... if I had known what I know now; I would have done such and such different. I definitely would have cloth diapered...better still... I would have “gDiapered”!


Did you know conventional disposable diapers are the third largest contributors to landfills in the world? What’s an even crazier statistic is that only five percent of the population (babies!) uses them! The average newborn goes through 60 diapers per week until they begin toilet training. That is an awful lot of diapers ending up in landfills.


When I was pregnant, I did a bit of research into cloth diapering but there are so many different options, articles and debates out there it was completely overwhelming! The all in one, the pre-fold, the hybrid, the pocket ect. I couldn’t keep it all straight! Fast forward a year and now I am doing the research for my clients who are out seeking the same answers I was.


Good news, I have found a great option for parents! gDiapers! A quick background about gDiapers because I think it’s a great story and really like what the company stands for. gDiapers was created by Jason and Kim Graham-Nye. They, like most parents wanted to be environmentally friendly and not contribute more waste to landfills but they also needed to be water conscious because of where they lived in Australia, so cloth diapering was out of the question. When they found a company is Tasmania that was creating flushable diapers they then brought that concept to the US. They have a great company philosophy which is “Work smarter. Not harder” - basically meaning to have a work/life balance. They do this by offering on-site daycare, flexible working hours and the ability to work from home if needed. I wish more companies thought about things like this! It would be so beneficial for the company as I bet the employees would be more productive because they are happier and feel valued.

gDiapers are really easy to use and offer two convenient options, a biodegradable insert (gRefills) and a cloth insert (gCloth) and you can interchange them if you want to use a combination (say cloth at home and disposable when out and about) as they both go into the same cute diaper covers, called little gPants.

The biodegradable option is great for people who are on the fence about cloth diapering but care about the environment and their “footprint”. You put the insert into the diaper cover and then when it’s time to change the baby, you can either flush, compost or toss the diaper. Think about how great it would be to not have a stinky diaper pail! Hallelujah!


The cloth insert option is a great reusable option. The gCloth is made from two layers of baby-soft micro fleece to draw moisture away from baby's bottom, and two layers of hemp/cotton to trap the wetness, so baby stays dry.  If you are looking to cloth diaper, but concerned about washing, the component system of gDiapers is a great way to reduce the washing involved as the little gPants don’t always need to be washed every diaper change.


The little gPants comprise a cotton cover and a snap-in waterproof liner. The outer layer is made of soft and comfy cotton and comes in adorable colours and designs (because let’s face it, the woman inside us all thinks if you can make a diaper look fashionable why not?). They have trim fit to fit baby’s bums and come in sizes starting from newborn (6 – 10lbs) to toddler (34lbs +). The nylon waterproof liner uses gBreath technology helps keep diaper rash away by being waterproof yet breathable. One of my favourite things about the little gPants is that they fasten around the back to keep little hands from undoing the snaps! My daughter has just got the hang out taken off her diaper and now wants it off all the time!!! The little gPants might have kept her guessing a little longer! Another great thing about the gPants is you can machine wash them on cold or warm wash and even machine dry!


They have just launched their spring line of solid colours and in celebration of Earth Day in April, gDiapers has a limited edition “good lovin’ little gPants”. Be sure to check out their latest gStyle designs set to launch this spring too, which combines their little gPants with a coordinating dress or t-shirt.


Wow! If I had known about this great product over a year ago things would have been different! gDiapers are a realistic and convenient environmentally-friendly diaper option and they are safe for baby’s delicate skin (in fact even help prevent diaper rash) and super-cute!


If you currently using disposables and looking to make a switch to a more environmental option, this would be a great choice for you and your baby! As it’s not too big a change from what you’re currently doing and still convenient. Like I said, you can flush the gRefills! It doesn’t get much handier than that!


For more info about gDiapers you can visit their website at http://www.gdiapers.com or go to http://www.gdiapers.com/where-to-buy/store-locator to find a retail store that carries them near you.


Frequently Asked Questions

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A. A baby planner is a person who assists expectant parents with tasks associated with the arrival of the baby, by either accompanying them or doing it for them.


Q. Why would someone hire a baby planner?

A. There are a variety of reasons but to summarize quickly, a baby planner can help save expectant couples time, stress and money on items they do not need to purchase or do not need at this time. Many clients are also new to the Lower Mainland or Canada and are lacking the support network of family and friends to help. Lastly, we help couples be prepared whether its hands-on training on how to diaper or bath a baby or by recommending sleep experts or doulas to help in areas we can’t.


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Q. What if the client requests information on a topic or product you don’t know about?

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