About Busy Bump Maternity Services

Busy Bump Maternity Services is locally owned and operated by Stephanie Lauzon, a mother of a busy toddler named Madison and step-mom to 8 year old, Chase.


The idea for Busy Bump Maternity Services was concieved during my pregnancy and grew into a small business in the beginning of my maternity leave. I wanted to provide other moms with services I would of loved to have during my pregnancy and post-partum as well. Before I had my daughter I was a busy working professional who worked full time, while trying to balance work, friends and family. Between running my step-son to soccer or kindergarten, meetings with clients, making dinner and trying to go to the gym it was hard to find time to read all the baby books and look online for all the information I knew I would need as a new mother. My goal is to provide other woman someone they can rely on to help them with all the details I would of loved help with. Whether its helping plan your baby shower, creating a registry, teaching you some new mom tips or just being there to offer advice or support. Incase you haven't found out already, everyone will want to offer you advice about your pregancy and caring for a newborn... and I mean everyone and anyone!  It's so hard to sort through all the advice from family, friends, books and online sometimes its overwhelming and that's the last thing you need during your pregnancy. My role is to help weed out all the things to you don't need and teach you the essentials! I truly have found my passion helping expectant couples prepare for their babies arrival and helping moms feel more confident and comfortable in their new role.


To find out more about my services, you can check out my Services page or contact me directly at stephanie@busybump.com.


“Always end the name of your child with a vowel, so that when you yell, the name will carry.”  ~Bill Cosby