Busy Bump Baby Shower Exhibitor Feature - Little Dreamers Consulting

We are so excited to have Jill Parker from Little Dreamers Consulting as an exhibitor and guest speaker at The Busy Bump Baby Shower! She is the baby sleep whisperer! I have to admit, I am a little biased as Jill helped us with my daughter when she was 2 1/2 and we were some challenges with her sleep, like having to stay in her room every night till she fell asleep, night wakings and her still relying on a bottle to soothe her. Her tips and adjustments helps my daughter learn to fall asleep on her own and not rely on props such as a bottle or soother. Stay tuned for an update on my daughter Madi this week as it has been one year since we switched her rountine thanks to Jill's help and suggestons.


Find out more about her and her business below and make sure to purchase your tickets to the Busy Bump Baby Shower to meet her in person. 



Name: Jill Parker      


Business Name: Little Dreamers Consulting


1.     What kind of products and/ or services do you offer?


I help families be as healthy and happy as they can be by guiding them to improved sleep routines and habits for their little ones.



2.     What is the price point?


My full, private consultation packages range from $325 - $545, depending on age of the baby/toddler/child and whether or not we meet in person.  What I love about my job is that I can help people, NO MATTER where they are located!  I have helped families across Canada, in the US and even in the UK.



3.     How long have you been operating and how did you start?


I have been a certified Sleep Sense Consultant for 2.5 years.  When my second baby was born, my husband and I were really struggling with helping him establish healthy sleep habits.  We searched high and low, read many the sleep books out there and finally found Dana Obleman and her Sleep Sense program.  Not only did the philosophy of her program fit our ideas about sleep and parenting, we had direct access to her as we implemented her program.  It worked and changed our lives and we were grateful for the one-on-one support!  When the opportunity arose and I was chosen for her training program to become a consultant myself, I jumped at the chance to be able to help families the way she helped ours! It has proven to be such a rewarding career… providing families with life altering benefits of establishing new and healthy sleep routines and habits!



4.     What is your favourite part of what you do? What is the biggest challenge?

No doubt seeing the results of a family’s hard work as they implement a Sleep Plan for their little one: a happy, well-rested baby who can happily soothe himself to sleep and who getting restful, consolidated nighttime sleep and taking solid, age-appropriate naps!  A Win for the whole family! 


It isn’t always an easy route but when families stick to the plan, significant improvements usually happen much sooner than the family expects.  Once they have completed the program, the results are life-changing. Families go from being sleep-deprived, overwhelmed, frustrated and sometimes desparate, to being happy, well-rested, confident with their sleep routine and healthier!


I also love the challenge of finding the best path for each little one so that they become great sleepers as quickly and as happily as possible! Every baby is different so not every baby will respond to a Sleep Plan in the same way.  There are times a plan needs to be tweaked along the way to better suit a baby and to set them up for success and I love being able to support a family as they manoeuver through their baby’s journey to better sleep!


5.     If you’re a mom, what is one thing you wish you knew when you were pregnant/what advice would you give to a new mom?


Make decisions for your family based on YOUR instincts and philosophies.  Since working in this industry, I have realized just how much guilt new parents are faced with about the decisions they are making for their babies and their families.  While there is much well-intentioned information and advice out there, always stay true to what you believe and feel is right for your family… no matter what your neighbor, best buddy or mother might say.


Jill is also running a contest on her blog until the end of August for a pair of tickets to the Busy Bump Baby Shower and a Aden + Anais cozy swaddle.


Visit her blog for more details: http://littledreamersconsulting.com/posts/?p=1569


Like Little Dreamers on Facebook for more great sleep tips.








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