A month after Maddie's new sleep plan

Tonight has been exactly 4 weeks since we started our new sleep plan for Maddie and wow, what a difference a month of consistency and routine makes! I cannot believe how far we have come! Our goals for Maddie which we gave to Jill from Little Dreamers were “We would like Maddie to learn self-soothing techniques so she can eventually fall asleep with little to no assistance from us (rubbing back, waiting in room, bottle) and then stay asleep or fall back asleep on her own.”



I’m happy to say that after only one month Maddie has accomplished all the goals we had set out. She no longer uses a bottle, doesn’t require a “prop” to fall asleep, can fall asleep on her own and stays asleep during the night and in bed until the sun comes up on her Gro Clock.



I really cannot stress enough how important sleep is for and how much a better night’s sleep affects your live.



Since starting our sleep plan we have noticed the following positive changes in our lives:



  • A consistent nap time and better night time sleep for Maddie has made her less grumpy/irritable during the day and before bed
  • Any one (grandma, babysitter etc.) are able to put to sleep
  • It makes for a way more production evening for me when I am able to work on the computer for a few hours
  • Early bedtime for us because at 8pm when it’s lights out we still have lots of time to get work or house work done before we go to bed
  • More quality alone time for Shane and me.
  • Better bonding with Maddie each night as we do our bedtime routine
  • Dates nights with Shane because any one can put to bed and she is used to new routine and knows the “ques” its bedtime.
  • A better sleep leads to better mornings because I feel rested and wake up before the kids to get ready instead of rushing around and yelling at them
  • Happier mood = less irritated, less bitchy, less anxious
  • Feeling more motivated (want to get back into working out- even got myself 4 sessions with a trainer to get started)
  • Consistency for both kids = same bedtime means it “fair” even if Chase is lying in bed reading for a little bit longer, he is being quiet.
  • Fewer headaches



I cannot thank Jill from Little Dreamers enough for all her support whether it was over phone, email or in our consultation. She is so knowledgable and was able to lead us in the right direction and add her tips in as we went along our journey. I hope that my vulnerability and honestly throughout this journey has helped a reader that was on the fence about starting a sleep plan or considering hiring a sleep consultant see that it is a great choice that would definitely benefit their family!



Wishing you all the best on your sleep journeys! Sweet dreams!



Want to find out more about Jill?



Jill Parker, owner of Little Dreamers Consulting, is a professional child sleep consultant, trained by Dana Obleman, creator and author of the Sleep Sense Program. Jill offers personal, one-on-one support to families whose children are struggling with sleep issues. In working hand-in-hand with parents and caregivers, Jill will create a step-by-step, easy to follow sleep plan that meets the specific needs of the child and will lead the family to a path of SWEET DREAMS!








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