Update on Maddie's Sleep Progress

So last Thursday was two weeks of Maddie following the new
sleep plan. She has pleasantly surprised my husband and I throughout this whole process as I thought for sure this would be a struggle for us and her! Don’t get me wrong, it came with challenges and at times push backs but when we handled
them as we were lead to do by Jill, we saw great results and progress! It was a simple thing like closing the door as a consequence for not cooperating for her
to understand, WE MEANT BUSINESS! It wasn’t the normal routine of her crying and Mommy giving in so she got her way. Emotionally it has probably been hardest on me to listen to her cry sometimes but the crying is short lived and it never lasts long. She figures out pretty quickly when it’s not working and
all of a sudden, the act is gone! (She has also probably been able to calm down quicker because she is less tired and sleeping better, where before it could be up to 30 minutes or more!)

This whole process and changing all of our routines (not
just hers) has really made me think about how overtired we were and how much the lack of sleep affect all our lives. In my next post, I will touch on all of the benefits we have seen in our lives because of the new sleep routine but I thought it might be good right now for me to point out some signs/symptoms and affects
of lack of sleep and being over-tired as all of us were experience some of these and some I knew sleep was the reason why but other signs (mostly in myself) I didn’t see or realize until I started to get better sleeps and these things all got better.


Signs that children are not getting enough sleep:

Younger Babies: pulling at ears, rubbing eyes, arching back

Older Babies: Tantrums, quickly losing interest in toys and people, clingy
Toddlers & Older Children: Tantrums, crankiness, clumsiness, hyperactivity, short tempered, difficulty focusing on a task, clingy

Hard time falling asleep at night or for naps, early morning wakes (younger babies), short naps (younger babies), having to drag kids out of bed (older children), frequent waking in the night.

Affects of lack of sleep on children:


  • Slows development ei. reaching milestones
  • Difficulty learning
  • Poor interactions with others

Signs that adults are not getting enough sleep: (I know I COULD relate to most of these)

Takes a long time to fall asleep, waking up many times during the night and having difficulty falling back asleep, still tired when wake in the morning, difficulty focusing during daily tasks, afternoon sleepiness, short-tempered, mood swings, weight gain

Affects of lack of sleep on adults:

  • Chronic sleep loss can lead to other serious health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and symptoms of depression.
  • Lack of sleep ages your skin and kills sex drive
  • Affects concentration, reasoning and problem-solving
  • Makes it difficult to lose weight and can result in weight gain


I’m not pointing these out to make anyone feel guilty or
worried but more to let you know that I was there too and so was my husband and my kids! It’s easy to change bad habits when you know what you are doing wrong and learn the tools to correct it. I found Jill’s method which is the Sleep Sense method a great fit for our family but there are other methods as well or
even books and online you could try on your own. However, obviously I feel there is HUGE benefit to using an expert and that is why I sought out Jill to help us.

I am so thrilled of how great this all turned out and that
Maddie has become an excellent sleeper on her own just using the right tools to get her succeed. Tonight, she literally told me I could go now. Haha It almost hurt my feelings a little but I realized this was what we were trying to achieve the whole time! Our goal to a better night sleep was reached! We did it! I can’t wait to share all the great benefits we are seeing in my next post! Stay tuned!

Want to find out more about Jill?

Jill Parker, owner of Little Dreamers Consulting, is a professional child sleep consultant, trained by Dana Obleman, creator and author of the Sleep Sense Program. Jill offers personal,
one-on-one support to families whose children are struggling with sleep issues. In working hand-in-hand with parents and caregivers, Jill will create a step-by-step, easy to follow sleep plan that meets the specific needs of the child and will lead the family to a path of SWEET DREAMS!



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