Week #1 of our new sleep plan

Tonight was one week since we started our new sleep plan put
together by Jill Parker of Little Dreamers Consulting. What a great week it has been! I’m happy to report that our commitment to making this work has paid off and we are seeing
great results! In only a week, we are already seeing the positive impact this is making not only on my daughter but my husband and I as well because we are all sleeping better. Our plan started off with us staying in the room until my daughter fell asleep and each night we have gradually been moving closer and
closer to the door. Saturday night we will follow our new routine and then tuck Maddie into bed and leave the room. Yay!!
Putting Maddie down to bed has always been a challenge; I literally used to lie on the floor beside her crib until she was asleep, often falling asleep myself!
(Wow! That’s embarrassing to admit but true!) Now we are out of the room much faster than before and again, working towards not staying at all. The night wakings have also improved… most nights we don’t even hear a peep out of her
and she stays in bed until her Gro Clock turns to the sunshine! The only two nights we have had night wakings since starting our new sleep plan were when she had shorter naps during the day due to things we had scheduled during the
day. (I’ll provide some tips for this from Jill later in this post)


Throughout this whole process, we have received great follow
up and support from Jill. We communicate through email every day when we send our sleep logs to her as well as phone calls every couple of nights where she has given us tips and advice as well as made adjustments to the plan as we go along.


Before we really started to “pay attention” to Maddie’s
sleep we would sometimes push nap time or let nap time start early depending on what was going on during the day. Although at naptime she was being a good sleeper the fact that it was all over the place sometimes really affected the night time and often made her either overtired or restless both resulting in a
long time to fall asleep and waking up during the night. I’m not saying that in order to have great sleepers you need to put your life on hold and change plans to ensure you’re e at
home at every day at nap time but Jill provided us with some great tips that I think can help others. I think these tips are especially useful during summer when you’re busy as a family and older children are out of school so schedules
are as consistent as during the school year for your little ones.


Tips for keeping kids on a routine/sleep schedule even when


-If you are out at nap time, see if there is somewhere cool,
quiet you can put them to sleep


- Try to incorporate some of the elements from your nap time
routine at home if you’re out (reading a book, bringing a special item/blanket they sleep with)

-Don’t expect as long or as peaceful a nap

- Try not to extend their nap past the regular time if they
go down later as this will only push back the next nap or bedtime

-Try to be home for the next nap time (if more than one)

-If the nap was shorter than usual or the day was a bit off,
plan for an earlier bedtime

Again, no one is asking you spend your whole day or whole
summer in the house ready and waiting for nap time but building healthy sleep habits as I mentioned in my last article is all about routine and consistency.


I am feeling so good about this process and how far we can
come! It has been such a great change in our lives and I can’t wait to see even more success as we continue for another week of our sleep plan and obviously continue this routine going forward!


Want to find out more about Jill? 

Jill Parker, owner of Little Dreamers Consulting, is a professional child sleep consultant, trained by Dana Obleman, creator and author of the Sleep Sense Program. Jill offers personal,
one-on-one support to families whose children are struggling with sleep issues. In working hand-in-hand with parents and caregivers, Jill will create a step-by-step, easy to follow sleep plan that meets the specific needs of the child and will lead the family to a path of SWEET DREAMS!


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