Reflection on my family for Family Day

With BC’s new statutory holiday, Family Day, on Monday it’s left me to reflect as cheesy as it sounds on my family and one person in particular who I have a very special relationship with. My step - son Chase came into my life when he was 3 and I was 23. At the time I felt unsure of myself and well, sometimes I still do, but have learned that is more about being a parent in general than specific to a step-parent. Over the last 4 ½ years our relationship has grown and so has our family with the additional of my daughter Madison. I didn’t know how this would change our family dynamic but in fact it has made things better than I could have ever imagined. Having the year off work only improved our relationship and seeing him and my daughter interact has been amazing! They love each other so much and it is so cool to see! It’s not too often we get the chance to spend a day just me and him anymore but today we went to the Canuck’s Super Skills at Rogers Arena and had a little date day! (the only man I’ve ever paid the full date for LOL) It was so much fun to have one on one time just us two like we used to and to see him really excited and enjoying himself! I’ve learned a lot this past few years about being a parent and most of which I’ve learned through experiences with Chase. He has taught me patience, compassion, selflessness, courage and not to take my self too seriously. I’ve learned although it’s easy to be a friend, kids need a parent. I’m probably the one who disciplines him the most but with that also comes reward and a self- earned sense of accomplishment. At 23, I jumped in feet first with everything and have never looked back. My life changed making the decision to be with a man who had a child but it is a decision I’ve never regretted because he is such a special kid! I can’t wait for the day I get to see him walk across the stage at graduation or stand at the front of the aisle and wait for his bride. Although there is no DNA of mine in him, that’s not what makes a parent and it makes me proud to see pieces of me in him as he grows up!

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