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How many times do you wish you knew the tips and tricks the professional use to take great photos? I know I sure do! My husband and I received a fancy smanshy Canon SLR camera for Christmas before my daughter was born. Over 2 years later, I’ve yet to take a picture without the setting on anything but AUTO! I’d love to learn to explore the other settings the camera has to offer and learn to take shots at better angles/directions so my pictures look great even though I’m nowhere near professional! Now only to figure out how to get them to stay still!


I’ve recently connected with the amazingly talented Jillian Kirby and am thrilled to have her sponsoring some upcoming workshops!


Jillian Kirby is an Award-Winning and Nationally Accredited newborn specialist photographer who serves Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Jillian shoots out of her natural light commercial space in Langley, BC and has worked with many amazing locals such as Travis Lulay, Chris Gailus and Lynn Colliar!



Jillian’s tips for taking better photos:


I’ve had babies and toddlers and I know exactly how hard it is to snap that gorgeous shot that perfectly shows off how beautiful your little one really is! If he’s not running, he’s drooling and if he’s not drooling, he’s crying and if he’s not crying, he’s covering his face. Well, how about a couple quick tips that will help you on your way to capturing the true essence of your child!


1. Get down on their level! Lie on the floor, squat right down, kneel in front of them… do whatever you have to do to get on their level so all your photos don’t have the “hovering over you” look to them. Shoot the image straight on to help avoid baby squinting or just plain not looking at you at all.


2. When you think you’re close enough, get closer! We all have the cluttered playrooms and the messy bedrooms that our little ones play in and they don’t make for the most complimentary of backgrounds. Zoom in! Get in close to your baby and make sure that the subject of your image is clearly the apple of your eye!


3. When you can, turn off that flash! There’s no need for a flash when the area you’re shooting in is well lit. If you’re at the park or even in a bright room, turn off that unflattering flash and let natural light work it’s wonders on bringing out the best in your kiddo.


4. No more “Say Cheese!!” We know his smile is the cutest in the world, but try capturing the furrow in his brow when he’s concentrating on a puzzle, or the excitement in his eyes as he anticipates a special treat, or that sleepy look he gets every night just before bedtime… because those are the looks you’ll want desperately to remember and might not.


5. Find the shade! Even if you have to guide your child to play in the shade for a bit, try it! Shooting in full sun can be tricky and can cast awkward shadows across his face or force him to squint in every photo you snap. Bring him in the shade where the light is naturally diffused and much softer. You’ll quickly see how much more easy it is to get those natural expressions you’re trying to freeze in time.



We are running a contest with Jillian Kirby l Baby where you can enter to win a free session and 2 – 11 x 14 prints. The package is valued at $465.00. The contest starts tonight and will run until February 28th. We win announce the winner March 1st!

To enter, please email with the subject Jillian Kirby Baby contest.


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