Preparing for babys' arrival

There are lots to prepare for before baby arrives. Here are some helpful tips and things to think about for the weeks leading up to your due date. Being as prepared as possible and going over expectations with your partner and other family members is key.


  • Attend a prenatal class and do research on what to except, although labour and delivery can be unpredictable and everyone’s experience is different, it’s always good to have an idea of what you might be in for.
  • Write your birth plan if you decide to have one.
  • Pack your bag for the hospital (and don't forget items for baby & your partner)
  • Start a registry – have a friend/family member organize a baby shower for you
  • Plan a budget
  • Sit down with your partner and go over expectations. (will the baby sleep in your room, what will your partner’s roll be? )
  • Organize nursery items and baby clothes. Make sure items you’ll need are unpackaged and clothes/blankets are washed by hand in a mild detergent.
  • Arrange transportation to the hospital.
  • Organize child care for other children – This may need to be available at a moment’s notice so it’s a good idea to also arrange a back up.
  • Stock freezer full of easy to make food for the first weeks at home. You could prepare soups, pasta sauces etc. or buy already made frozen meals.
  • If you choose, arrange for a house cleaner (could be a friend, relative or agency) to help out around the house the first few weeks.
  • Install your baby car sear into the car you will bring to the hospital.
  • Order cloth diaper service or cloth diaper kit if you are choosing to use cloth diapers.
  • Schedule a maternity photo shoot or newborn photo shoot
  • Try to schedule a tour of the Labour & Delivery ward in the hospital you will be having the baby.



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