Prenatal Massage

Whether you are two months pregnant or nine months, your body adapts in preparation of your baby’s arrival, there are many stresses your mind and body will experience. Aches, pains and worries are common, and can be significantly reduced or eliminating with a soothing, blissful prenatal massage. A speciality pillow allows you to lie on your stomach, even in later stages, for maximum comfort.


I really enjoying going to prenatal massage while I was pregnant. Not only did it allow me some time to relax and de-stress it helps me ease all my pregnancy related aches and pains in my lower back, shoulders and neck. I would strongly recommend looking into someone who is a certified in prenatal massage. There are lots around the Lower Mainland.


One great recommendation I would make is Oceana Massage. Susan is amazing and she is complete mobile and will come to you. For more information you can call her at 604-307-0217 or visit her website at


Oceana Massage will be featured on our local resources page which will be up in a few weeks.You can also hear more about prenatal massage from Susan at our fall Beyond the Bump workshops. Stay tuned for more details.

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