Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a baby planner?

A. A baby planner is a person who assists expectant parents with tasks associated with the arrival of the baby, by either accompanying them or doing it for them.


Q. Why would someone hire a baby planner?

A. There are a variety of reasons but to summarize quickly, a baby planner can help save expectant couples time, stress and money on items they do not need to purchase or do not need at this time. Many clients are also new to the Lower Mainland or Canada and are lacking the support network of family and friends to help. Lastly, we help couples be prepared whether its hands-on training on how to diaper or bath a baby or by recommending sleep experts or doulas to help in areas we can’t.


Q. When is the best time to hire a baby planner?

A. Anytime. We help at all stages of pregnancy, including post-partum.


Q. Do I need to live in Vancouver to be a client?

A. No, we cater to women & couples from Chilliwack and Mission all the way to West Vancouver. We prefer to meet clients in their home but clients may also come to us.


Q. What is the cost of your services?

A. Our services can be offered at an hourly rate of $40 an hour or as packaged services which range from $110-$595.


Q. Do you provide gift certificates?

A. Yes we do. We think gift certificates are a great idea for a friend or family member’s baby shower gift. It might not be something the couple would purchase on their own but definitely offer them comfort and peace of mind after having some dedicated help. We have also recently started offering customized gift baskets after the gift baskets we were giving to our clients for the baby were such a hit!


Q. What if the client requests information on a topic or product you don’t know about?

A. We do not pretend to be an expert at everything and anything that has to do with pregnancy and babies, however, we will research all information on the topic and if we feel it’s something we can’t provide information on without help, we will source the expert in the area.




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