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The thought of returning to work put my stomach in knots. Not only was I not looking forward to leaving Maddie and returning to my 9-5 job, I was wondering how we were going to juggle our life that had finally had a bit of consistency with me being home the past year. Shane, my partner, is a firefighter so he works 4 days on and 4 days off and 2 out of those shifts are nights. We have a daughter, who is just over a year old and my 6 year old step-son who we have custody of the majority of the school week.


A couple years ago, I had heard about Nannies on Call

 from a single dad who was friends with Shane. I thought it was a great idea but at the time it wasn’t needed. Around November, when it seemed my lovely maternity leave was getting closer and closer to the end I started to look for child care options. Needless to say it was overwhelming! Finding a daycare that is licensed, flexible days/part-time or hours, fairly cost effective for two kids and can look after a baby... ha! Good luck! But then I remembered, Nannies on Call.


Nannies on Call was started in 2001 by local mom, Michelle Kelsey. Since then it has grown to a bi-coastal company with over 400 nannies. All the nannies are personally interviewed by staff and all nannies need to meet the list of pre-screening requirements. Nannies on Call go above and beyond what I have heard of other agencies doing. They offer their nannies courses on how to file their taxes, first aid and cooking. Which shows they not only care about their clients, they care about their employees as well! I think that is such a great core value to see in a company!


Nannies on Call have two main options to choose from, Placement (Full or Part time) or On–Call. When I first called to get more information we were debating with actually getting a placement, meaning the same nanny each time for certain days and times or whether we would do the on-call as needed. They were so helpful with laying out all the options for us to choose from so we could find the option that worked best for us as a family and was the most cost effective as well. You could use Nannies on Call as your full time child care provider, as an option for date nights or as a back - up incase your regular child care option is unavailable. It’s your call how to use them how it fits for your needs.


We opted for the Baroness Plan which is an “on-call” type of plan however we are able to book 5 times during the month and receive a discount off the booking fee each time. The plan is pre-paid so each time I book I just go online and make my request. The online system is really user friendly and my favourite part is it gives you a drop down selection of your previous nannies to choose from if there is someone you prefer.


We have been using Nannies on Call since January and I have

been so pleased with everything. The level on service is amazing from the time to place the request, to receiving the confirmation to the friendly nannies that arrive at your home! I have honestly been blown away and can’t help but spread the word about this exceptional service for families.


If you are interested in finding out more information you can visit their website which has information about nannies, placements, plans, rates and testimonials from clients.


Stay tuned for some upcoming workshops we will be holding in the spring for information about hiring a nanny and child care options.

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