Meet Agata from Gold Leaf Energy Healing

I have never been the type of person who can sit still and relax. The thought of me sitting in a dark room and mediating is almost laughable and anyone who knows me would probably have a laugh too! That being said, there are other ways to relax your body and mind. After I have Maddie, I was feeling a lot of tension in my body. It was due to the mix of emotions going on in my head. I was experiencing anxiety, self doubt and guilt as probably many new moms do. Enter Agata... Agata is an Intuitive Healer, Lightworker and Reiki Master in Human and Animal Reiki. Agata has a way about her that makes you calm and comfortable. She provides a unique set of energy healing services and is mobile, bringing the experience to the comfort of your own home. I met with Agata at my house for a Reiki session. After the session I felt so relaxed and at ease. It was the best feeling. (and it was long overdue) Being a mom you so often put aside your own needs to care for others. I see it happen all the time. But the problem is, when you ignore those things they always find a way of catching up you to. As moms, all we need sometimes is a little refresh! It could be a trip to get our hair cut, a coffee date with a girlfriend, a massage...whatever. The point is to make time for you. Agata was so good at helping to point this out to me. At the end of the session we went over everything and I learned about what was going on inside my head and how that was affecting my body. It's amazing how it all connects! Agata's company is called, Gold Leaf Energy Healing.  It was created to help you on your path of personal development and spiritual awareness – bringing increased balance and harmony to your life.


I'm really looking forward to Agata speaking with our expectant moms at our Beyond the Bump workshop on March 10th at the Roundhouse. She’ll be sharing her tips for relaxing, finding the time to focus on yourself and the benefits of being “balanced” in mind and body. I think it will be some great information for lots of new moms and moms to be!


Contact Agata today for more information and to book a session.


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