2011 - What a year!

Happy New Year!


 Looking back over this past year I only really have one word to describe it, grateful!  I cannot believe the year it’s been!


I started off 2011 like many New Years before with my friends Cody & Nicole, Shane and Chase (except this time drinking sparkling apple juice and 8 months pregnant). The first few weeks of the year I had my share of many weekly Doctors visits as I got closer and closer to my due date of March 6th. I have never peed in a cup so many times in my life! I was a pro! My shower was at the end of January and it was so nice to see so many friends and family!


Little did we know that Valentine’s Day 2011 would be one to remember when my water broke that night two and a half weeks early. 30+ hours later, Madison Ava, my amazingly beautiful daughter was born. Weighing only 6 lbs 10 ounces it’s hard to remember now at 19lbs how little she was. I never thought I could love someone so much! The birth of Madison brought all our family much closer together. Shane, Chase and I now have something in common we all could bond over and it has really changed our relationship as a family and individually as well. Also my relationship with other family members like my parents and sister have grown closer as well. My friends have all been so supportive and love coming to visit Maddie! The months have flown by and now Maddie is almost 11 months...and I’m almost returning to work! Yikes! Where did all the time go? She is a bundle of energy and can be found at any time of day yelling her little lungs off like a dinosaur (and that’s her happy scream). She motors around the house after her big brother Chase and loves to get into all his toys! Nothing makes me happier than hearing a good belly laugh or seeing her cheeky little grins!


The summer was busy and every day brought on something new. In June I started my business, Chase finished Kindergartenand Shane’s mom turned 60. Then for Canada Day we travelled up to the Interior to visit family and played in a ball tournament with friends. The end of July was my birthday which we spent in Cultus and Chase’s 6th birthday in August. We spent lots of days at the beach, outside for walks around the Quay and up at Cultus. Too bad the beginning of summer wasn’t the best weather or I would of had one amazing tan!


In September Chase started grade 1. (Yay! to all day school!) We put our place up for sale and before Halloween it was sold and we had bought our townhouse in South Surrey! The rest of October was spent packing and packing and more packing!


In November we took a family trip with Shane parents to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I doubt Maddie will remember much but I know Chase will have memories that will last a lifetime. He still talks about different parts of the trip and it’s January! “Remember those bird men that swung around that high pole?”(In the middle of eating dinner.) Haha simple minds! After being back from Mexico for a week (what was I thinking?!?!) we moved into our townhouse! It felt like home the day we moved in! I have never been happier and I love the area we live in!


Christmas holidays we got lots of opportunities to connect and see friends and family. Christmas was spent with family at our house. My first turkey dinner! It was actually a lot better than I expected! Nothing burnt, nothing too stressful!


Overall, this year has been an amazing one! I have met some amazing people, some other moms who truly inspire me. I’ve re-connected with some great people and stayed in touch with people I was afraid I might lose touch with since having a baby. I’ve learned about myself (good and bad). I’ve found out what I am truly made of and what I can handle (even at 4am in the morning with a crying baby!). I’ve been nervous, self doubting and stressed about started my own business but I pushed past it, got out of my head and have had a great experience so far and hopefully 2012 will only bring more success as I launch the next step to my business which is some expectant parent workshops. I’m excited for 2012, personally & professional. Although I know it will bring its challenges like the juggling act of work and life balance (like most mothers take on) but I’m willing to do it and get through it together with Shane. I’m excited for all the things 2012 has in store for Shane & I and our family! I can’t wait to see Madison turn one in February and she is ready any day to take her first steps.


Thank you to everyone who has connected with me and supported me this past year! I wish every one of you all the best for the New Year. I hope you too take some time to reflect on the past year and learn from it. I am so grateful for all I have and all the incredible things I have to look forward to in 2012! I can't wait!


The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

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