Product Review: Baby DeeDee Sleep Nest

I was looking for a sleep sac/baby sleeping bag for my daughter who recently has become quite the wiggler and never keeps her blanket on. I have also always been worried about SIDS and since my daughter has learned to roll over and now can crawl, the loose blankets in the crib make me nervous. I was using a fleece sleep sac but it was starting to get a bit small for my daughter and the fleece was too heavy for her in the summer. I found the Baby DeeDee Sleep Nests which also offer a summer alternative called the Sleep Nest Lite.


My daughter has now been sleeping in the Sleep Nest Lite for over a week and since the first night she put it on she is sleeping much better. I don’t hear her rustling around during the night like I used to and I sleep better knowing she is safe, secure and warm in the Sleep Nest Lite. Also they are designed with shoulder snaps which came in handy the other night when Madison fell asleep after feeding and I just slipped her into it, snapped the shoulders and put her in crib. The Sleep Nest is made from lightly quilted 100 % cotton like a duvet. The Sleep Nest Lite is made from lightweight jersey cotton and is double layered so it still keeps baby warm. It is very breathable fabric for my sweaty little sleeper! The Sleep Nest/Sleep Nest Lite comes in a variety of colours to choose from. We have the bubble gum pink and grey!


The Sleep Nests have some great features for example the zipper is reversed so it doesn’t pinch her and she can’t undo it which I think it a great idea! They are “mom friendly” aka machine washable (in cold water) and you can even put them in the dryer (low heat). A-mazing! I do so much laundry that the last thing I want to do is to be sorting through what gets hand washed and what can go in the washing machine. Lastly, my favourite part, they are designed by a mom of two, Dominique de Bourgknecht. I love helping to promote other mom businesses!


Baby DeeDee is offering one Busy Bump reader the chance to win a Sleep Nest of their own. Contest closes October 17th.

To enter, please email with the subject “Sleep Nest” and tell us you baby bedtime routine.


Baby DeeDee is also nominated for a Red Tricycle award to vote for them click on the link. For an additional contest entry, like their Facebook page then let them know you voted for them for the Red Tricycle Award.


For more information or to order a Sleep Nest for your baby visit their website at

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    Rose (Wednesday, 15 October 2014 22:48)

    I love the concept of baby sleeping bags, warm and snuggly. DD has been in them since he was 6 weeks old. We already use Baby deedee sleeping bags and my favorite is