Favourite Place to Walk - Deer Lake Park

One of my favourite places to go for a walk with my daughter is the trail around Deer Lake in Burnaby. Deer Lake Park is near the Shadbolt Centre and Burnaby Art Gallery. The trail is so peaceful. During the day it’s the perfect spot to catch a bit of sun & shade as you stroll through the tall trees and then along the lakeside through the open grassy meadows. I love to go during the day and enjoy the quietness! All you hear is the occasional squirrel in the bushes, the splash of a duck or the sound of the gravel path under your stroller. Sections of the path are like a boardwalk which goes right over the marshy areas and little streams. It’s a good work out as well as it takes between 30-45 minutes to walk around the lake and throughout the trail there are a few sections with a bit of incline to climb up (while pushing a stroller so that counts for something, right?) Regardless, the last few days with the beautiful weather we’ve had I’ve broken out a good sweat! Walking the trail can be a fun family outing too! On Saturday, we all went there for a walk as a family and my step son took his bike and we brought some bread crumbs for the ducks! It was lots of fun and we all really enjoyed it. I can’t wait till my daughter is older and we can rent a canoe and go out on the lake. I posted some pictures below which I took last weekend. For more information you can visit the Burnaby Parks & Rec website.


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