Why you need a baby planner

The trend of hiring a baby planning is growing, especially in the US with TV shows like, Pregnant in Heels, promoting the life of baby planner, Rosie Pope. Many women still wonder, “Why should I hire a baby planner? I have a friend, sister, cousin that just had a baby and can tell me all the information I need to know or I love to shop and think it will be fun to buy everything for the baby!” Well that might be true, I’ve put together some reasons I think many woman would considering hiring a baby planner like myself.


1)      Many new or expecting parents do not have a support network of friends or family in the area to help transition them to parenthood and the added stress of not having people around to help plus worrying if you are purchasing the right products for the baby is not something a new mom or dad needs. (The sleepless nights are enough!)


2)      I can help save you money! Yay! Many new parents overspend! They buy too many products that they either will never use, not use enough to make it worth the money or not need for a few months and have no space for. I have tools & packages that offer budget planning for a baby and can help you purchase the essentials you need and save money on those as well.


3)      A baby planner can help save you time, something that is very valuable for many Busy Bumps! Whether you are a working professional, a mom already with another on the way or just want to enjoy your last few months left as a couple before you become I can help save you time spent researching products, shopping in stores you won’t find what you need, help assembling baby gear or helping teach you the right tools to make you feel comfortable about your new role as a parent.


4)      Having a baby should be a fun and exciting time in your life! A baby planner can help cut out the stress and the worries. (or most of them!) By helping with things like time saving, money saving and offering support I will make sure to reduce your stress level so you can focus on what is important, you and the baby. I make it my goal to help the expectant parents feel completely comfortable for the arrival of the baby. I will help with whatever I can to reduce worries, stress or anxiety you might be experiencing because I’ve been in your shoes and I know it can be overwhelming.


5)      Advice, everyone wants to hand it out whether you ask or not! I can help you weed through all the advice. Well some advice is helpful, other advice is not and sometimes only makes you more stressed out! I offer support filtering out what is someone else’s advice for being pregnant, parenting ect. I’ll give you the tools and information to know what is the right solution and the right advice for you and your baby.


6)      I will help prepare you for being a parent. I stay up to date on all the parenting trends, tips and techniques. (and have been through it before as well) I will help teach you different skills like making baby food, how to bath a baby and other important tips you may not know that will help with your first week home and the first year of the baby’s life. I can help with as much or as little as you need or recommend websites, books or other resources that are right for you. All packages are completely customizable or a la carte where you can pick and choose what you feel would you’d like to learn. If there is information, I don’t have or don’t know myself, I will find the correct information or the expert in that area to teach you, whether that be a Doula, Mid-Wife, Lactation Consultant, or Cloth Diaper expert. I will find the resources to suite you and your needs.


7)      I offer concierge services as well. If you like all the shopping, have a good friend to offer support and feel prepared but you are still a Busy Bump on the go. I can help plan your baby shower, run to the grocery store to pick up healthy meals and snacks for your arrival home from the hospital, suggest or pick out a present for a sibling or plan a BabyMoon for one last weekend away with your hubby. Whatever the request, I will try to accommodate you. It is my job to make all moms-to-be comfortable, relaxed and most importantly happy & excited for this wonderful new experience.


If you are interested in hiring Busy Bump Maternity Services as a baby planner you can visit our services page for more information or contact me  at stephanie@busybump.com to schedule a free consultation.



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