What I love about being a Mom

  • Morning Snuggles
  • They way she smiles when she sees my face
  • Bonding during bath time
  • Afternoon walks by the Quay
  • How it’s bonded me in a new way to my mom & other friends/family with kids
  • Seeing my step-son light up when he plays with her and she smiles back at him
  • The funny facial expressions she makes
  • The squeals of delight when I tickle her neck
  • How she thinks it’s funny when I go “Baaahhh!” and blow on her face
  • How it’s made me love Shane more than I ever thought I could
  • Going shopping for all the girlie clothes (If I can’t find something for me, I can always find something for her!)
  • The little sighs she makes when she is getting tired
  • The way she holds my hand or arm while I’m feeding her
  • The funny sounds she makes when she is playing on her tummy
  • It's given me something to look forward to every day when I wake up because I know it will be something new & different
  • How I know one day she will grow up and probably be exactly like me. (scary!)

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    Vanessa (Monday, 14 May 2012 15:27)

    Haha and you know she WILL be exactly like you. And your mom will laugh and tell you its karma :P