Our first family road trip

We decided we would try out a week long family trip to the Okanagan this summer. Shane laughed at me because I had everything packed a few days ahead but my neurotic ways are sometimes a blessing in disguise because this way we had time to look around the day we were leaving and see what we forgot. (except you always forgot something, in this case, the Bumbo seat) The day we left there was a mudslide on Highway 1 near Bridal Falls. Immediately I thought, “Great, what have we got ourselves into!” The traffic was a stand still for over an hour. Anyone who has kids knows how irritating it can be to hear, “Maybe there’s an accident, why’s it so busy, we aren’t moving” ect. a thousand times! Luckily, I had packed enough things to keep Chase, my 5 year old step son occupied. Usually I dislike him always being on his Nintendo DS because I think he should be colouring or reading a book but it entertained him for hours! I had packed the car so that I knew where everything was for when I needed to get it but let me tell you, I might of been able to find everything but it was like playing Jenga trying to get something out of the back. We left enough space between Chase’s booster seat and Maddy’s car seat so either Shane or I could sit back there if Maddy needed to eat, be changed or was just fussy and we weren’t near a rest stop. By the time we arrived in Vernon, it had been a 9 hour drive. (usually its 4 or 5). Both kids were way better than I expected, especially considering the drive was twice as long. We went on the trip for a softball tournament. I have to admit, I was hesitant to go away with other couples without kids and singles but it worked out really well. Everyone really helped out with Chase & Maddy, either holding Maddy while I bat or playing catch with Chase. It was really nice! While, they went to the beer gardens we spent some time doing family things like going in the pool, a trip to DairyQueen, visiting family and one day we went to Davison Orchard where they have tons of great activities for kids. (even tractor rides!) We were lucky to stay at a house so half way through I did some laundry which really helped so I didn’t have as much to do when I got home. If you laughed reading that I'm excited to have done laundry on my vacation you must not be a parent yet! We are planning to head up next weekend to the Interior again for my Dad’s 60th birthday party and I’m so glad this week long trip went as well as it did. I just hope the next one is just as good.

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