Shy & Expecting

Shy and expecting...or shy and in labour. Not a combination that goes well together. Before I had my daughter I would never have called myself a shy person in terms of my personality and out-going attitude, other things however like changing at the gym, totally shy and uncomfortable!


Well pretty much the day of your first doctor’s appointment you can check that shyness at the door and the first appointment is only the stretching before the main event. You will be poked, prodded and asked questions, like when did you poo last? TMI? Well sorry but it’s the truth! I was the girl who hated going to the doctor for my PAP test, I would literally hear the phrase, “scoot your bum down” and become totally mortified!


Your doctor’s appointments while you’re pregnant are reasonably ok on the average comfort level, you pee in a cup (by the 9 month your a Pro!), check your weight, get the baby’s heart rate checked and head on your way. Around the 8th month or so you will have your check for Strep B which is a similar test to a Pap smear (or so I could tell from where I was laying).


Besides the doctors check ups, get used to complete strangers coming up to you to touching your belly. It is the most awkward thing! I had a man in the Safeway line up once tell me how beautiful pregnant woman are and offer to carry my groceries. Eww! No thank you sir! I will not be helping you to carry out your “pregnant women” fetish like Alan from Two & A Half Men!


If around your partner you pee with the door closed, while pregnant, you might as well leave it open and see how that feels on a comfort level because once you go into labour, peeing in front of someone is the least of your worries. My water broke at 3am in the morning, I literally yelled at Shane from the bathroom, “Either I just peed all over myself or my water broke!” I had to wear a pad the size of a diaper to make sure I didn’t leak through my pants onto the car seat. (and that’s before you have the baby)

At the hospital, when I finally was being induced 27 hours after my water broke, Shane witnessed things I’m sure he or I never thought the other would of seen. I had a catheter, a huge pad under me and it would be an understatement to say I looked my worse! Good thing Shane is a fireman and nothing bothers him, while the nurse was putting in the catheter Shane was sitting directly in front of me eating his breakfast, I looked up at him horrified and started to laugh. He just smiled and kept eating.


After the baby came there was a whole other set of embarrassing moments. The first time to try to breast feed the nurses will come in the room to help you, I had one nurse sandwiching my boob and Shane trying to position the baby while mine & Shane’s family waiting behind a curtain. By the next day, Shane went out to get a coffee and came back to the room only to find me using the breast pump with the curtain wide open. The second day you’re allowed to have a shower but because I was still hooked up to an IV and sore from my c-section I had to have a nurse come into the bathroom and give me a little sponge bath. By this time, I was so immune to all the nurses being around and seeing every part of me I thought no one else would ever see I would just ask what they needed me to do.


Anyways, the point of all these embarrassing moments is just to let you know you will definitely be out of your comfort zone but to also let you know that by the time it’s all happening, it’s the last thing you are worried about. You’re more worried about having a healthy baby or a good delivery you almost zone out what is going on around you. Good luck with your delivery and one word of advice would be to start peeing with the door open. J

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