2011 Riot in Vancouver

Almost a week after the riots I am still so disgusted of what happened in our beautiful city. All the morons that took part in the riots are slowly being named thanks to social media and the hard work of the VPD. Although so many of them will get off because there is just too many to identify I'm hopeful that all the real trouble makers and instigators of this devasting night will be caught and charged for the crimes they committed! Because lets be serious, if you are stupid enough to steal tuxedo jackets from a store then post the picture on Facebook and tag yourself in it, you are a complete idiot and just asking to get caught! For the 17 year old from Maple Ridge who set a police car on fire and is most likely going to be kicked off of the National Water Polo team, all I have to say is Good! We all know he only confessed to everything because his face was front and center on every news channel and newspaper. In the press conference, his parents looked so ashamed and so they should be! To all the police, fireman, paramedics and nurses who worked that night, my sincerest Thank You! You did the best you could under extremely horrible conditions. As my fiance is a fireman I feel strongly for all the people who had to be out there that night. I sat in horror till midnight watching the news, hoping not to see someone I love down there putting out one of the many car fires. People were actually throwing things at the fireman while they were trying to put out a fire. One fireman was even punched in the face! That makes me sick to my stomach. I hope all these people who didn't think and just let their anger over ride their common sense are caught and punished! Thanks to all the people who went down and cleaned up the streets the next day! THAT is Vancouver and acts of kindness like that is what makes our city so great. Lets not let the Riot and all the morons who took part take that away from us.  From the riots I will take one lesson, to raise my children so they never feel so invisible that they would do something like this to our city and other people's property and so they even in the heat of the moment when they could let their emotions get the best of them they will choose common sense and think, "What would my family think of me doing this?"


I have added the link to a beautifully shot YouTube video below of the riots. The song choice is perfect - "Mad World". As it really symbolized the true madness that seemed to go on that night.

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